What’s So Good About Facebook Messenger Ads?

Facebook launched its Messenger ads almost two years ago, and they quickly became a favorite space for businesses to reach out directly to their customers and promote their products and services.

This social media marketing tactic, if done well, can open up a dialogue between businesses and customers, and can create a conversation that makes customers feel as though the brand is speaking directly to them.

Facebook described Messenger ads as “an unprecedented opportunity to use amazing targeting capabilities and reach of the Facebook News Feed.”

There are two types of Messenger ads:

Destination ads

These appear on a person’s news feed, but instead of linking through to a businesses website they encourage the recipient to send a message which will automatically then open up a messenger chat window and start a conversation.

Sponsored messages

Sponsored messages send sponsored chat messages directly into users’ messenger inboxes. However, a brand can only do so if that particular person has chosen to interact with them via the messenger ap previously.

In June this year, Facebook went one step further introducing a new service for autoplay video ads inside Messenger. This means businesses who are willing to pay the highest sums for advertising can use the space to display pop up video ads inside a person’s personal messenger platform.

What are the benefits of Messenger ads?

Customers like to feel as though a business cares about them, which automatically creates positive feelings towards that brand and increases trust. Direct, one-to-one chat conversations mean a business is offering completely personalized, utterly unique customer experiences giving users the opportunity to ask any questions they like and get immediate answers that are just for them.

Doing so not only boosts customer service by helping customers quickly and directly, but it also gives businesses a unique opportunity to use this conversation to upsell products and services or offer additional ones.

The Messenger ads service also allows brands to target customers they know are already engaged with their brand. This means businesses can almost customize their audiences and create ads that they know are going to appeal to them the most.

Brands who use Messenger ads can respond to their customers in seconds. This puts them at an advantage over their competitors. The speed at which customers demand attention is ever increasing and the opportunity businesses have to follow up on leads decreases significantly, the longer they leave it to respond. Messenger is a fast, effective way of communicating with customers and meeting their needs immediately.

Creating messenger ads is also pretty straightforward. Of course, the tricky part is having someone on hand to respond to chat queries should they come through and smaller businesses particularly may struggle with this.

However if companies are already spending money via Facebook advertising and aren’t doing so through Messenger ads, they should consider directing some of their budgets this way, as the potential for significant returns on investment and the opportunity to build customer relationships is too significant to turn away from.

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