What To Include In A Business Newsletter

A regular business newsletter can be a great way to communicate with your customers, show off your products and services, and keep your company at the forefront of your customer’s minds.

However, done improperly and sending out a newsletter could do more harm than good, irritate your customers and damage your brand and reputation.

So what are the kinds of things you should include in your business newsletter that will appeal to customers and keep them engaged and interested and loyal to your brand? Let’s take a look.

A catchy title

If you want your customers to actually to read your newsletter you need to draw them in a with a catchy, relevant title that helps them get a feel for what’s inside. Try to be creative, informative, and entertaining too.

Eye-catching images

Remember an image speaks a thousand words, so choose yours carefully. Well chosen images will complement your content and ensure that your newsletter stands out and pique a readers interest.

Relevant news and information

As per the title, people will be expecting you to tell them some news or information about the company that’s relevant to them. Here you can let them know how well your company is doing, announce and new product launches and include some entertaining human stories to give more of a personal touch and let customers see the faces behind your business brand.

Offers and discounts

As a reward for signing up to your newsletter make sure you include an incentive for your customers to keep reading it. Include some vouchers, let them know about an upcoming sale, offer a discount code for orders over a specific value. Whatever you offer, make sure you shout about it on social media to encourage more people to sign up too.

Links to your social media accounts

A newsletter is also an excellent opportunity to promote your business and encourage customers to follow you on different platforms, so don’t forget to include links to your social media platforms too.

Case studies and testimonials

Remember, your newsletter is a great chance to show off your business, but without putting your customers off. The best way to do this is by including case studies or reviews which act as social proof that you are a trustworthy company that can deliver on their promises.

A survey or questionnaire

Since you have your readers attention, why not use this to your advantage and ask them to fill out a quick survey or questionnaire too? This could provide you with invaluable feedback and inspire you to improve your business in other ways.

A strong call to action

Remember, your newsletter is a marketing tool and should, therefore, include a call to action at the end encouraging readers to continue to engage with you. ‘Claim your discount,’ or browse our new range,’ or ‘visit the sale’ are all fantastic examples of call to actions that could boost your sales too.

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