How To Boost Your Blog Subscribers

A blog can be an effective way of telling people about your business, giving your brand a more human face, finding new customers and keeping existing ones loyal.

However, creating a blog that anyone cares about is not easy. If you are struggling to get new subscribers or even keep the ones you’ve got, it can be pretty disheartening, and you may begin to wonder whether there is any point in spending valuable time and energy keeping your blog up to date and full of fresh content.

So where are you going wrong?

Typically the reason why business blogs don’t do well is that the creator is making one of these mistakes:

You treat the blog like a side businesses

An excellent blog should give something back. It shouldn’t be considered another avenue for you to sell your product or service, it should be entertaining and informative. If the primary goal of your blog posts is to sell more, it won’t work. You need to offer people something, and in doing so, they will become aware of the product or service your business sells.

You don’t include a brilliant offer

Want more subscribers? You need to offer them something in exchange for that. It’s good old-fashioned bribery really, but if you give them a discount or a gift or something of interest for them to download, they’ll be far more likely to part with their contact information. The stronger and more obvious your offer is the better. It needs to be something readers can’t refuse. Something you can convince them they cannot live without.

Your offers don’t lead to a dedicated landing page

Whether you are offering one of your products at a ridiculously low price, or are giving your customers, money off vouchers in exchange for subscribing, you need a dedicated landing page for it. This means when they click through they get right to where they want to be, no distractions, nothing to confuse them or lead them astray, so they won’t forget to subscribe when asked.

You’re targeting the wrong crowd

You need to make sure your blog reaches people who are going to be interested in it. You could be using the wrong keywords in your blogs or aiming it at the wrong demographic. It pays to know your customer so make sure you think about who your audience is and the type of content they are interested in and then shape your blogs accordingly.

You are complicating things too much!

Lastly, something that’s so easy to correct is how you ask people to subscribe. If you aren’t making it easy and obvious, that could be your main problem right there. When people arrive at your website they are telling you they are interested in the products and services and information you have to offer, so make sure your blog is visible and they can easily subscribe to it without making it difficult or time-consuming to do so.

If you want to boost your blog subscribers, make sure you aren’t making the above mistakes. If you are, fix them, and you should see those figures start to rise once more.

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