What Stops You From Becoming Successful?

Are you as successful as you could be when it comes to your business? While you might work hard, and feel as though you are on top of things, you may recognize some of the below habits that might be holding you back.

Let’s take a look at some of them:

Making promises that you can’t keep

Over promising and under delivering on those promises is a rookie mistake, and one that will see your business start to go downhill quickly. Great businesses are built on trust and reputation, and there is nothing more powerful than word of mouth marketing. Don’t offer something that you can’t come right on, don’t promise something too good to be true. Be honest, understand your limitations as well as you know your USPs and above all, conduct your business honestly.

Not taking responsibility

It’s tempting to blame others when things go wrong, especially if you are the big boss. But remember, this is your business, and if you want to run it well, you need to be prepared to take responsibility and be a problem solver. So next time a mistake is made, think about what you can do to ensure it doesn’t happen again and avoid playing the blame game as this will get you nowhere and only upset more people along the way.

Being too cautious

Successful business people are risk takers. They have the confidence to make the big, important decisions and see them through. That’s not to say they aren’t measured or they don’t do their research, but some courage and some blind faith is all part and parcel of giving your business your all.

Not setting goals

Having a clear path of progression is essential. It’s all too easy to talk endlessly about what you want to achieve, but without a plan, without a timeframe, without tools to measure your achievement, you will find it challenging to stay on the right track. Setting clear, specific, intelligent, ambitious goals in every part of your business will help you continue to improve and grow.

Self-doubt and self-comparison

Smart business owners know that self-doubt wastes time and could cost you big. Having confidence in yourself and what you want to achieve is hugely vital, as is going at your own pace and being proud of your success in isolation. If you continuously compare yourself to others, you could end up knocking your confidence or feeling disappointed, which will only slow you down.

When the going gets tough….giving up

No successful business got that way through luck and good fortune alone. Mostly, it takes hard work, overcoming obstacles and blood, sweat, and tears. If you give up when the first problem occurs or you take a hit, you are giving up too soon.

Not learning from your mistakes

It’s also important to recognize and prepare for the fact that you will make mistakes, probably some pretty big ones. Learning to understand that mistakes are okay as long as you pick yourself, brush yourself off and learn everything you can from them is one of the most important lessons to learn, whatever kind of business you are in.

So there you have it, when you run your business you may well wish to ask yourself:

‘What are the habits that successful people employ? What are the ones they avoid?’

By really understanding what it takes to be successful, and making sure you avoid the common pitfalls that other businesspeople can fall into you can feel confident you are on the right track to creating a lasting, financially rewarding and inspiring business!

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