What Do Kindle Bestsellers Have In Common?

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Kindle charts are hugely competitive, and getting your Kindle fiction to rank here is very challenging. 

As a writer who has put so much time and effort into your craft, you will undoubtedly want to see your book do well. You want people to read your work, to enjoy it, and for your book to be considered a success. 

Not many writers in the US make a living from their writing alone. Novel writing is massively competitive and because there is so much choice, it is a massive challenge for writers to get their books seen by readers who will care. 

The lower your Amazon Best Seller ranking, the better your book is selling, and the lower the BSR, the more likely it is that readers will notice it. So what some common strategies the author uses to become a ‘bestseller?’

Whether you are browsing for a book in a bookstore or online, the bestseller section is the most prominent and popular place. This is where most shoppers will head to if they are:

Looking for a gift,

Searching for ‘a book’, (i.e., with no particular book in mind)

Hoping to find a new author to engage with.

To rank as a bestseller on Amazon Kindle, you have to achieve thousands of downloads of your book.

One trick that is now commonplace amongst authors (though frowned upon from a moral standpoint) is to achieve best-seller status by listing their book for free. Many authors do this to ‘legitimately give them that tag which they will then use to market their book. However, it is questionable as to whether someone should call themselves a bestseller if they haven’t actually sold any copies of their book, rather given them away. 

The fact of the matter remains that Amazon includes free downloads within the sold copies of Kindle fiction books, which could result in some books receiving bestseller status even though they haven’t actually sold(by its proper definition) copies of their work.

The truth is that to become a bestseller, there is no magic formula. It’s about writing a good book, and then working extremely hard and relentlessly to sell it. Growing your social media following and keeping that following engaged, writing blogs and guest posts, writing articles for various publications, organizing book tours, readings, and other marketing events, finding willing reviewers, running paid ads campaigns and so much more should be part of any authors marketing strategy, and all these factors will contribute to your book sales and therefore your BSR. 

A love of writing and sharing your stories can be what motivated you to write. However, we all yearn to see something in return for our dedication to our craft. Getting your book to sell is no mean feat, and it is generally hard work and perseverance, and a willingness to learn which are the common factors of bestselling authors, and this is unlikely to ever really change. 

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