What Are Backlinks & How To Get Them

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There're many different ways you can improve the SEO of your business and the content that you put out onto the internet. One of them is by trying to obtain backlinks.

Google has confirmed that they consider backlinks an important ranking factor for SEO, so if you want to ensure that your business is more visible, paying attention to backlinking is imperative.

Backlinks – what exactly are they?

Backlinks are also known as ‘inbound links’ or ‘external links,’ and they are a link from a page on a website that takes the person who clicks on it to another. When trying to place backlinks you are looking to find reputable, relevant third-party sources to place links from their website to yours. 

So why does Google rate backlinks so much?

How trustworthy you are – if lots of reputable websites are linking to yours it shows that you are a source that can be trusted. Backlinks are a marker of reputation in the digital age. If you’ve got lots of them and the sources of these links are high authority websites this will reflect well on you. However, the opposite is also true so it’s definitely a case of quality over quantity. If backlinks to your site are discovered on lots of low authority, untrustworthy sites this is the equivalent of hanging out with a bunch of shady characters around a disused bus stop. It doesn’t look good and won’t do your online reputation any favors. 

How popular you are – each backlink you have is like another popularity vote. The more links from other websites that are pointing to yours, the better you are likely to do when it comes to your position in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS).

Remember, not all backlinks are created equal, so if you are going to focus on getting more backlinks, make sure you know what to aim for. 

Different types of links include follow and no-follow links. Nofollow links are not going to help you get a higher ranking in SERPs as much as follow links will.  So if a company offers to place a link but only a no-follow link, it’s not really worth you wasting your time. 

To increase your backlinks you can use sponsored or paid links where you can pay an influencer to link back to your site and mention your product. As long as the person or brand in question is open about the fact they got paid to promote you, this is all correct and proper. However, if money is exchanged and it is not clear that the post has been sponsored this goes against Google’s guidelines and can end up negatively impacting search engine results if they are alerted to the fact. 

To learn whether a website is a good site to try to get a backlink you can use Google’s page rank algorithm to determine how trusted and reputable the site is. Bad links can do more harm than good, so it’s important to regularly audit your backlinks to ensure that no toxic links have crept in. There are lots of ways to remove bad links such as submitting to the Google Disavow Tool or contacting the site owner yourself to request removal.

In short, backlinks will improve your rankings, they’ll help Google find and index new pages of your site, and will send referral traffic to your website too. So if you want all of that, spend some time reviewing your backlinks and working hard to increase them too. 

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