Ways to Influence Emotions in Business To Business

We have all been told time and time again that the number one thing that influences people to buy is by appealing to their emotions. The research proves consistently that even purchases that we wouldn’t necessarily consider to be emotional ones are still made because of how we feel.

We’ve got to remember that at the end of the day, each and every business is just made up of people, selling to other people. So being able to influence emotions should play a massive role in every marketing strategy, regardless of what it is you are selling and who you are selling it to. That’s why even those companies that solely focus on B2B sales should still find out how to be emotionally persuasive in their marketing messages.

So what tactics can you use to achieve this?

Tell a story

Storytelling is a powerful device, and if you can tell a story in your messaging, you will draw potential buyers in, create emotional connections and paint a visual picture that appeals to all their senses meaning they are more likely to imagine what it would be like to use your product or service. You can tell stories by thinking about your target audience and discovering their problems and pain points. Then create content that describes scenarios where these problems are apparent and how or what your business offers that can help make those problems disappear.

Experiment with color theory

Did you know that particular colors tend to evoke certain emotions in people universally? For example, many people associate the color green with nature and serenity and yellow with warmth and happiness. Using colors in your branding and content can subtly influence your audience and direct them to feel a particular way

Consider hiding the price

If you know that you might be more expensive than your competitors but feel your products and services are superior, you might want to hide your prices to ensure that businesses who are considering using your products or services fall in love with them first. If your message is strong and engages them emotionally, they might consider paying more. However, if your prices are the first thing they see they may dismiss you based on this fact alone, meaning all your hard work goes to waste.

Focus on social proofing

Businesses probably have strict budgets and high expectations, and they won’t want to waste their time on a product that’s not right for them. Social proofing can help encourage them to trust you so make sure you invest time into encouraging social proofing through your various marketing platforms. Reviews and testimonials, likes and shares and case studies can demonstrate your reliability and send a strong emotional message to potential buyers. So if you know you are being talked about positively, make sure you shout about it, so others do too.

Remember to talk about the benefits

While you may think your products are fantastic because of the XY and Z amazing new features they have, your customers might be less impressed. If you can instead focus on the benefits, you’ll have a greater chance of appealing to their emotions and therefore making a sale. Customers don’t want to know what, they want to know why and how. Businesses will no doubt shop around and compare benefits between similar products and services, so make sure yours are obvious and stand out.
Remember, just because you are selling to businesses doesn’t mean you aren’t selling to human beings. So make sure that you focus on engaging with your customers emotionally, and you’ll no doubt influence their decision to buy from you.

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