Improve Your Social Media Strategy Using These Simple Tips

Advertising your business through social media can be an extremely effective way to reach potential new customers, retain the loyalty of old ones and let people know about who you are, what you offer and how you can solve their problems.

However, before pouring money into advertising on social media, it is essential to have a solid strategy in place, one that ensures your content performs well organically and what types of content you should be producing to give you the optimum results.

Here are some simple but useful tips to help you create and implement a strong social media strategy to help improve your businesses.

Focus on mixing up your content

Content can be produced in many different forms and using a mix of all of them will help make sure you are naturally reaching the widest audience as well as providing interest and variety to keep them coming back for more of your content. You can post links, curated content, videos, and photos to keep your page looking fresh. Researching the optimal content ratios for each one can also help ensure that you are not bombarding your audience with too much of one content type. However, you may need to experiment before you get this spot on as it will depend on your brand voice and the unique audience that you are trying to attract. You can do this by analyzing which content types work well (and those that don’t) and tweaking to improve results. From then you can create a schedule to follow and so will be better able to plan and organize your content flow too. You could even use a platform like Sprout Social to post your content for you.

Keep it professional

While your content could be top notch, no one is going to look at it if it isn’t packaged professionally. You’ve got to make it appetizing and irresistible by always posting content, in whatever form it may be that does your brand proud. If your post doesn’t look very professional, if it doesn’t entice with a great headline, use a high-quality image or is full of spelling mistakes no one is going to bother to read it. It doesn’t matter how great the inside is – you’ve got to remember that you are competing to be seen and heard and to do so you need to create something eye-catching, relevant and smart if you want to stand a chance.

Use Click-Through Rate (CTR) Analysis to help improve the success of your advertising campaigns.

The math to calculate your CTR is to divide your link clicks by your reach; this gives you the figure of how many people actually bothered to look at your content when presented with the opportunity to do so. Understanding which posts had better success in getting people to visit your site can be incredibly helpful as you can find common factors between your favorite posts and create more of the same. It’s also worth recirculating your top performing content as the likelihood is you’ll get a similar amount of attention second time around. For posts that have done OK but could do better, you could try re-writing them to improve them and then sending them out again to see if their CTR improves.

Spending time analyzing your CTR is simple but can produce meaningful results if you take the time to do it.

The straightforward strategies can help your business perform better across their social media channels. So why not try implementing them to see what impact they have on your content?

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