Using Instagram To Boost Your Business

Nowadays every business needs to be social media savvy, and the top player in the social media game is undoubtedly Instagram.

Businesses need to know how to use Instagram effectively. It may seem that this platform is better suited to celebrities who just want to share their impossibly beautiful lives with the world, but the truth is, almost any business, no matter what kind of products or services they sell, can use Instagram to increase their customer base and generate new sales.

Let’s take a look at the things you need to do to make Instagram work for you.

Increase your followers

This may seem like a bit of a no-brainer, as without followers no one is going to see your carefully crafted content. So the first thing you need to do is get followers, but not just any followers, ones that are actually interested in your business. You can do this in many ways. One of the most effective is to find relevant users who already have a large following and then leverage their reach. Here essentially what you are doing is seeking out influencers and asking them to introduce your business to their followers.

Naturally, they will expect some compensation – either straight up cold hard cash, or you might be able to strike a deal offering free products instead. Remember to choose the person wisely. An influencer with millions of followers is excellent but if those followers aren’t interested in what your business has to offer it will fall on deaf ears. People with smaller, but more relevant followings are often your best bet.

Another way to generate followers is by posting user-generated content, such as a picture of a customer using your product, to help increase your followers and build trust. This is ideal for smaller businesses who don’t have a big budget to pay influencers to help them.

Engage your followers

Once you have a significant number of Instagram followers, you need to understand how to get them interested in what you have to stay. Get their attention and make them take notice of you, and hopefully, this will lead to them visiting your website and eventually buying your product.

To do this, you can do several things. Create a short, smart, funny bio that explains precisely what you do. Create lead magnets offering followers something valuable that they just can’t refuse and make sure to change these up from time to time to keep your followers engaged and interested. Keep URLs memorable and straightforward and always have a call to action in your bio essentially telling your followers what you want them to do.

Your posts should be relevant, entertaining and valuable. Each time you post you should ask yourself what your customers will gain from it? Create stories to build trust and give your business a personality, engage your customers by asking their opinions on things, and make sure your images are fun, unique and always high quality.

Convert your followers to customers

Now you have a loyal Instagram following you need to turn them into loyal customers. Otherwise, well, what’s the point? Doing this is tough, but really what it comes down to is understanding what it is your customer wants. You need to learn the difference between content that will generate likes, shares and comments and content that will inspire followers to act. The kind of posts that work well will trigger an emotional reaction, appeal to their senses and get them excited. Be creative and use a combination of beautiful images and sensory language to draw them in.

Directing people to products or services through direct links should, however, be done sparingly. If every single post includes links or tells people to buy your product they’ll get put off. Instead, it’s more about inspiring your followers, compelling them to purchase through the content you post without actually coming out and saying it!

Gaining and retaining a significant following on Instagram is hard work, but so worth it. By putting the above strategies into action, you can make a considerable impact and see your sales start to soar!

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