How To Create Attractive Web Copy

When it comes to selling your product and promoting your brand, great website copy is essential. Web copy is not just what goes on your website, but everything that goes on the web. So that’s everything from your landing page to that marketing campaign that you launched on Facebook.

Web copy should be smart, slick and seductive. It should entice your audience, pique their interest, make it impossible for them not to want to find out more. It needs to grab their attention and hold it, and ultimately, it needs to make them want to invest in your product or service, and you as a company as well.

So how do you write engaging web copy that does all of the above?

Find your audience

Think about what makes you interested in certain products. What motivates you to buy? What would get you to switch brands or purchase something even if you didn’t need it? These are all questions that you should be asking yourself and your customer. Create an ideal customer, what do they like and dislike? How do they want to receive their information? What excites them and turns them off?

Now think about how you can communicate with that customer. How do they like to read? What do they want to learn? Are they seduced by big text and bold statements, or do they like detailed information backed up with facts? Once you know, you can tailor your copy, so it targets them.

Know how to promote your company, and the products and services you offer

Start by making an extensive, exhaustive list of all the products and services your business provides, then list all the benefits, the advantages, the added extras, the USPs. What do you stand for as a business? What are you excited about? What’s new?

You need to be able to talk passionately about the ins and outs of your company, and that passion and excitement should be contagious through the copy you create.

Create a proposition that cannot be refused

Your web copy needs to inspire action. If a reader reads it, shrugs and then moves onto the next thing they are doing with their day, it is just not doing its job.

This isn’t about just coming up with a magic one-liner that grabs attention. It’s about layers. Being smart and trying to wow can often be equated to a cheesy pickup line. It might work on some, it might be a conversation starter, but most people want honesty, they want integrity, they don’t want to play games.

This means your copy should be clear, concise and direct, and you should be able to back up what you are saying as well.

Be bossy.

When a reader comes across your website or sees your advertisement, they need to know what to do next. Tell them. Don’t be shy about making it obvious what you want your customers to do. Don’t yell at them to do it, don’t force them to do it. But do ask them, and then make it super simple and easy for them to go ahead.

Edit and optimize.

On a more practical note, make sure your web copy is edited well. Correcting poor grammar and spelling errors is a must. Copy littered with mistakes is not only harder to read, but it also reflects poorly on your business too. It says you don’t care.

Editing isn’t just about proofreading for mistakes though; it’s also a chance to check you’ve included all the features and benefits, that you’ve included enticing subheadings and been creative with how you present your copy to your customers. Then make sure you’ve done everything you can to optimize your text, make it simple for Google to scan and index it. Use language that’s easy to understand – remember Google should always come second to your customers – make them the priority, and everything else will naturally come good.

Lastly read it all aloud to make sure it flows, is persuasive, and makes sense!

Writing attractive web copy doesn’t have to be complicated. If you believe in your brand and what you are offering then just make sure that comes across in a logical, clear, trustworthy way – it’s as simple as that.

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