Essential Information For Your Website Landing Page

Your website landing page is the most important one on your website. This is where most customers will land when they first visit your site. If they don�t like what they see, they�ll bounce right out of there before you�ve even had a chance to sell your brand or your business to them.

A landing page is your chance to make an excellent first impression. It needs to be smart, exciting and most importantly, it needs to tell your customer what you are about and what you want them to do next.

So what are the things you need to include on your website landing page to make it as effective as possible? Let�s take a look.

An enticing headline that promotes action

When people arrive at your site, the headline of the landing page is the first thing they�ll read. Use action-orientated language to help inspire your customers to stay and drive them to do what you want them to do – sign up for a newsletter, take advantage of a discount, buy your product. Your heading should also reveal what you are about and be indicative of what your intentions are – no click bait!

Subheadings that describe benefits

Remember, people these days have insanely short attention spans. They want to know what you offer and want to be able to decide whether it will be of value to them in no more than a second or two. So make your subheadings work for you and describe the most attractive benefits of your product or service or offer here. The combination of your heading and subheading should be enough to make a reader decide whether they want more info – and that�s where the main body of your text should come in.

Informative, engaging copy that gives your customer all the information they need is what’s most important here.

Customers don�t want to have to click on endless links or menu drop downs to find the answers they are looking for, and if it�s too hard to get the information they want, they�ll get frustrated and leave. The body text of your landing pages should tell them what they need to know. Break up information with subheadings or into bullet points so that can scan the page with ease. Use straightforward language, no jargon. Be clear, precise and upfront about the offer while also being creative to make it as enticing as possible.

Ensure your page title, URL, and meta description are all optimized.

If you want customers to continue to find you, you need to make sure that

you have optimized your landing page so that people will click on your listing when searching for what you offer. Include keywords in the page title, URL, and meta description. This can help with rankings, but more importantly, it will make it easier for your customers to find you.

Relevant images that back up what you are saying

Make sure you carefully chose images that complement the content of your landing page. Pictures can help to entice the reader and should be thoughtful and compelling and help make your landing page look more exciting.

Pay attention to your user experience.

No amount of excellent web copy, attention-grabbing headings, and attractive images are going to make up for poor user experience, so it is vital that you put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Think about how your information flows, how you present your call to actions and how you address any concerns or potential questions they might have.

Landing pages are a businesses chance to promote themselves and their product and can be ‘make or break’ when it comes to converting a potential customer into an actual one. So make sure you use the above tips to help create landing pages that will inspire your customers to do exactly what you want them to.

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