How To Start A Conversation With Your Customers

When you go into a shop, a good salesperson can be the difference between you walking out empty handed or laden down with bags.

There is nothing quite as powerful as a real live person talking to you and trying to persuade you to buy. If they do their job right, they’ll not only make you feel as though the product they are selling is something you can’t live without, but they’ll also make you feel as though they understand you, and the kinds of problems you have, and like a magical fairly Godperson, that they are here to solve them.

So how does this translate to digital marketing?

Of course, digital marketing is, in some ways the very opposite of face to face marketing and sales, and that’s why it can come across as cold, impersonal and ultimately off-putting. People want to feel as though they are being listened to, that a brand truly cares about them and making their lives better, easier and altogether more enjoyable.

Thankfully there are ways to bring that human touch into our digital marketing efforts. This is achieved by joining and starting conversations, and by adopting 1 to 1 marketing techniques rather than 1 to many.

Start a conversation within your website

Beginning an online conversation and getting the right people involved in that conversation, if done in a controlled and strategic way, can boost sales and customer retention rates at the same time.

You can easily start a conversation with any customer that lands on your website by having a pop-up chat window that automatically asks “how can we help you today?” However, what’s missing here is any level of personalization, and the question is too vague and open-ended, in short, it’s too easy to ignore.

So what do you do? Instead, ask a question that leads the customer in the right direction and don’t ask it right away. Think about when you walk into a store for the first time, and immediately a salesperson jumps on you and asks you what they can help you with – you haven’t even had a chance to look around! It’s the same when people land on your website. They might just be browsing, so let them.

Instead of a chat box appearing on your homepage, only have them pop-up if people go further into your site. If they browsing pages that are closer to them making a purchase, you can see they have shown their interest and are therefore more viable prospect. So pages pricing your products or even after a sale when you are thanking them for a purchase are good pages to try and start a conversation with them.

Use email more effectively

Be specific in your email marketing campaigns, and you’ll attract subscribers that are far more likely to engage with your business. Being specific means making sure you are asking them the right kind of questions. Too vague and you could end up with a load of subscribers who never engage with you again because they thought your initial question or offer would lead them somewhere different.

Use your emails to start conversations that require replies. If your email marketing only asks people to subscribe or to click on something that ends the conversation dead. Ask them to respond in some way and voila! A conversation occurs.

Use Facebook Messenger Ads

Facebook Messanger Ads are ideal for starting conversations with your customers. The person you are targeting doesn’t even have to visit your website. Instead, you can come to them. You can use this marketing tool to have an intimate, 1:1 conversation with a customer – it’s as close as you’ll get to that face to face selling we talked about earlier.

Remember, it’s all in the questions you ask. Starting a conversation is one thing, keeping it going is another, and converting a conversation into a sale, and a loyal customer takes even more skill. This is where research comes in. As always, the better you know your customer, the more you’ll understand what they are looking for, what questions they are asking, and what kind of conversations they want to have. Be friendly, genuine and honestly interested in helping your customers, and through these conversations, you should see your sales soar.

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