Trust Elements Every Landing Page Should Have

Want your landing pages to be more effective? You need to establish trust.

Trust plays an enormous part in turning a prospect into a customer.

The faster you can establish trust, the more likely you are to keep that prospect on your website, the more willing they will be to explore it, and therefore you increase your chances of selling to them.

Your landing page is the first page that your customer gets to when they enter your website. It’s arguably the most important page. An effective landing page must work hard to grab that person’s interest, and direct them to behave in the way you want.

So what trust elements can you include in your landing page to help increase engagement?


The more experienced you are, the more trustworthy you’ll appear. Tell your customers your background. Can you prove your experience to them, how long have you been operating, what’s your background, how do your products do better than the competition?

1 – Show Your Experience
How long have you been doing this thing? What’s your background? Or, if you sell a product, how long has it been around and how does it outperform the competition?

2 – Be actually, honestly helpful

The one way to build trust is to deliver on your promises. Whatever that person is looking for, they’ve landed on you because they believe you can help. Prove to them you can. Don’t oversell or overpromise, tell them what you can offer them clearly and directly and then make sure that you give them just that.

3 – Social proofing

Social proofing can work wonders when it comes to proving you are a trustworthy business. So make sure you include examples on your landing page. Social proofing is basically saying ‘hey if you don’t believe me, ask this guy.’ Testimonials, reviews, surveys – they can all be incredibly useful.

4 – Show your face

People like people. Don’t hide behind your business or your brand. Come out and say hello to your customers! People want to feel as though they have a personal connection; they like their online experience to be as human as possible. So be real, tell your customers about yourself and show them that you care.

5– Eliminate risk

What will make someone try something they aren’t sure about? If it comes with zero risks to them. If you can eliminate risk for your customers, they are so much more likely to be willing to give you a try. So offer an excellent returns service, and no questions asked money back guarantee.

Remember being trustworthy is about being honest. Make real promises that you know you can keep, show your hand, be friendly, approachable, personable and helpful and you’ll build trust and turn those prospects into loyal, satisfied, returning customers before you know it.

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