How To Tap Into Your Customers Subconscious To Make Them Buy Your Product

When it comes to increasing your sales, it�s important to get creative and be smart.

It�s even more important to respect your customers. They are intelligent, savvy and not to be underestimated.

Long gone are the days where just listing the features and benefits of your product or service was enough to get your customers interested, or producing some convoluted, overly descriptive copy would grab their attention. Instead, you need to be a little devious and try to get inside their heads and attract them on a more subconscious level.

So how do you do this?

Make them trust you

One of the most important things any business can focus on is how to increase trust in their brand. To do so, you need social proofing. You can�t just tell your customers you are trustworthy; you need to prove it. You need to work on building up a solid reputation that makes customers old and new believe that when they come to you, they will get a level of service that will exceed their expectations time and time again.

Creating trust is twofold, you need to make customers believe in the products and services you offer – that they solve the problems or fulfill the desires that made them buy in the first place, but also that, if for some reason their problems are not resolved, or their wishes are not fulfilled that your business will do everything in their power to resolve the situation to their satisfaction.

All your marketing efforts should include some form of social proofing if you want to tap into your customers and would-be customers subconscious and get them interested in your product without even realizing it. Include case studies, endorsements, testimonials, and reviews, and you�ll naturally make people believe that your business is one that can be trusted.

Set limits

Scarcity, rarity and limited time all trigger the subconscious and create a sense of urgency that motivates a person to act. If there are only a certain number of something left, or a limited edition of a particular product or an offer with a looming deadline your customers are going to be pushed into deciding whether to buy and the fear of missing out means they are more likely to determine that they will. Creating a situation where customers might lose something if they don�t act subconsciously motivates people to make decisions. In fact, the thought of losing something is more effective than the idea of gaining something, which is what makes it such a powerful sales technique. Don�t tell your customers what they�ll gain by buying your product, but rather what they�ll lose if they choose not to.

Engage the senses

When creating your marketing campaigns, it is important to focus on how they make your customer feel. Using visual language can trigger certain parts of the brain that cause a person to act before they have even properly considered it. Human brains process sensory language in the subconscious, so if you can reach that part of the brain and trigger the neural response, you may see your marketing campaigns become more successful.

So next time you create an ad or email marketing campaign think about the type of visual language you can include to trigger these responses in your customers, and they should feel compelled to buy.

By using these tactics, you can

sell to a person�s subconscious, triggering their desire for what you are offering and making it irresistible for them not to buy it – even if they can�t explain why!

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