Useful Tips To Get People Engaged With Your App

Having an app for your business can be an excellent way to engage with new customers and promote your brand. However, devising a successful and relevant app that people will use can be challenging. So what can businesses do to ensure that customers not only download their app but actively engage with it?

Here are some useful tips

Make sure it has a purpose

There is no point in designing an app if it doesn’t actually do anything. It’s essential that your app is functional and has a purpose that is relevant to your business. An app should be of use to your customers; it should make things quicker and easier for them to communicate or engage with your company in some way. High functionality is vital, otherwise, your customers will turn to an app that does offer them what they need instead. Make sure the onboarding process is easy and quick, (less than one minute is preferable so no long sign up process please). Regardless of the purpose of your app, i.e. to play a game or buy a product, make every feature count. Ensure your app is bug-free – a bug can be extremely off-putting to customers and mean they probably won’t use it again

Enable push notifications

Push notifications can positively boost your app and increase engagement rates. Don’t overload customers, but sending out one or so push notifications a week can actually help to keep your customers using your app. To do this, you naturally have to ask for permission. The problem with doing so (for this and to enable other features of your app) is that multiple permission requests can put your customers off. So how do you get around this? Keep the number of permission requests during the onboarding process as low as possible. You can ask for others once they have downloaded your app, so spreading them out is a good idea. When you do need to ask for permission, do so in a clear and concise manner, so the customer knows exactly what you need and why it is necessary to ask. Give your users options to choose the notifications they receive, so they feel as though they remain in control.

Give your customers an incentive to use your app

Incentivizing customers can help them feel as though they gain rewards for using your app. In games, a common route is to ‘unlock’ new levels by completing other ones. Others will go further and allow customers to collect points to receive bonuses such as vouchers or gifts. If a user feels socially or emotionally connected to your app, they are more likely to continue to use it.

Update your app frequently

Remember the app market is hugely competitive, so it is essential to stay ahead of the game and ensure that you keep your app up to date. If it becomes outdated, you’ll find that your customers turn to a newer, fresher version from one of your competitors, one offering something more exciting and valuable. So make sure you stay ahead of the competition, keep on top of trends and continuously review your app to ensure it has all the features necessary to continue to keep your customers interested. It’s a continual process, but the payoff is worth it!

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