Three SEO Tips To Help Boost Your Business Website

When it comes to boosting your sales figures a great business website is essential. However, for many businesses building a website that adheres to SEO best practice is challenging, and without specific expertise in the area, they can quickly end up making technical SEO mistakes that could harm their visibility and stop them reaching their target audience. 

So what are some simple tips to help businesses harness their technical SEO data and ensure that their presence is visible in search engine results? Try these three things. 

Turns to SERPS (search engine results pages) for inspiration

One of the simplest ways you can find out how to build a better website is to enter the search terms you want to rank for into Google and take a look at the sites of the top results. Smart competitor analysis can really help you to see where you might be going wrong. Look at how the top performing websites are laid out, their structure, their headings, their content. Make a note of their site architecture, as well as indexing rules. While you can’t copy your competitor’s site as is, it’s an excellent place to get inspiration and see which direction you should be heading in. 

Observe the search engines

We’ve got to remember that it’s the search engines that will determine how well your business website ranks organically, and to help you figure out what fixes are actualy a waste of time. For example, painstakingly going through your site and changing what you think are glaring errors might make no difference if search engines aren’t aware of them. That’s why using tools such as Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster will help determine whether what you think is an issue is actually an issue for them. If it’s not indexed it might be worth skipping over and spending more time on the problems that are more likely to affect your results, for example, crawl errors, conflicting directives, inconsistencies with your site map, rogue parameters and so on.

Don’t forget about log file analysis

Doing a standard crawl using Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster can be a great help. However, they won’t pick up on every technical SEO issue that could be hindering your website. To ensure that you don’t miss a problem you need to be able to access your log files, as they will tell you which URLs get crawled by which search referrers and how often they do so as well as other useful insights which can be used to help improve your websites technical SEO. Accessing your log files can also help you determine whether search engines are crawling the most important pages of your site, if they aren’t this could be why your rankings are low. Encouraging search engines to crawl these critical pages, and also discouraging them from crawling any that don’t generate much organic traffic can help to see your page rankings increase.

Using these tips can be a great start when it comes to improving your technical SEO and helping you to identify which errors are more pressing to ensure your business website reaches the top of search engines naturally. 

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