The Most Profitable Amazon Keywords

If you aren’t certain which keywords you should target for your Amazon advertisements, you are not alone. Amazon allows you to add 200-300 keywords for each of your advertising campaigns, and choosing wisely can make all the difference to how profitable and successful they are. 

So how do you go about selecting the best keywords for your book?

You need to ensure that you choose keywords that people are searching for, but aren’t too competitive, and that you choose enough of them to make a decent amount of impressions to ensure your campaign is visible. Doing this also will give you the best insight into which keywords are really profitable – and they might well be ones you would never have thought of otherwise. 

If you are creating a sponsored ad, your keywords need to be actual terms that people would type into a search engine. You can find these descriptive keyword phrases by creating a list of words associated with your book. Be thorough and exhaustive and don’t censor yourself. Anything that is related to your genre, your story, the themes of your book, your characters, and so on – they all count. 

Once you have your list you can type these into Amazon and see what suggestions come up. Do this in ‘incognito mode’ to ensure Amazon isn’t influenced by your personal information and online behavior. Create a second list with the words Amazon comes up with. 

You can take both these lists and then expand them by also adding misspellings and synonyms of the words and phrases on your list to fill it out even more. 

You can use the strongest terms on your list by typing them into Amazon and seeing which book results come up. Add these book titles and author names to your list of keywords too. The books that are linked to yours under ‘customers who bought this item also bought,’ can also be added, along with the author’s names. 

You can then also investigate your genre and take the titles of the best performing books in the category and add these to your list. Other places to search for inspiration are GoodReads book lists, film titles that are relevant, and any popular events that could be linked to your book.

By doing all this, you should be able to find 200-300 keywords that you can add to your advertisements to help give them the best chance of success. Discovering these keywords are crucial and will make all the difference in how profitable your advert is. Good luck!

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