The Best Competitor Analysis Tools

Being able to undertake thorough competitor analysis can provide your business with many helpful insights and allow you to come up with smart strategies that keep you ahead of the competition.

Competitor analysis helps you to determine their strengths and weaknesses, identify their USPs, and essentially spy on what they are doing in terms of marketing and using that information to enhance your own.

These days there are plenty of excellent competitor analysis tools available to business, each covering different areas including advertising, email marketing, and many more. Deciding which parts of a particular company you want to keep tabs on can help you determine which tools are best for you.

Let’s take a look at some of the competitor analysis tools out there to get you started:

Pi Datametrics

Pi Datametrics enables businesses to measure how well their brand is being received, how successful campaigns are in comparison to competitors, and also allows you to analyze new trends, becoming influential with regards to the message and making sure it aligns with customer needs. It also helps you to understand how big (or small) an impact each campaign has made via looking retrospectively at brand search intelligence data.


If you are looking to gain insights into web traffic, how customers behave when they arrive at each site, referrals, how competitors rank for particular keywords, as well as comparatively how successful your social metrics are, Compete is a particularly beneficial option. Kompyte also has a feature which helpfully suggests who your competitors might be, based on the keywords you are tracking.


This competitor analysis software enables businesses to gain a comprehensive overview of competitors web traffic, search traffic, social media, keyword tracking, advertisements, and audience. It has several tariff types, so you have to do your research and decide which one best suits depending on the kind of service you require.


Spyfu is a useful competitor and keyword analysis tool. Through the program, you can track backlinks and rankings as well as display how your keywords overlap with those of your competitors and the ones that they rank for which you do not.


Ahrefs is a popular tool for those who wish to check in on what competitors are ranking for, as well as how well they are doing in terms of organic traffic. Ahrefs will also tell you which pieces of your competitors content are performing the best which you can use to curate even better pieces to outperform them! Another great feature of Ahrefs shows you where there are content gaps that your business could fill and rank for, keeping you one step ahead of the competition.


This tool is helpful for those looking to identify their PPC competitors specifically, and gives useful insights such as competitors monthly budgets as well as pretty much revealing their Adwords strategy in its entirety through its ability to access seven years worth of PPC and SEO keyword data.


If you are looking to monitor SERP rankings, Searchmetrics can help. It offers a vast range of powerful tools as well as a Searchmetrics SEO visibility score, which lets you know how successfully a domain is ranking. You can then specify which of your competitors you’d like them to show you, and they’ll tell you how well they are performing too.

These are just a handful of the excellent competitor analysis tools out there. Investing in them can help your business get a much better insight into how they can get ahead, and if you want your business to stand out, reach the top of search engines and perform better in every aspect of digital marketing, it is well worth trying them out.

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