Ordering Proof Copies On KDP

If you want to order proof copies of your book on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform, here is a useful guide to explain how!

Ordering proof copies can be a smart way to ensure that your book comes out correctly when printed into a physical copy. While Amazon’s formatting process is reasonably straightforward, there are instances where, because of different software used, that text gets squashed or elongated, paragraphs get cut off, or chapter spacing doesn’t look quite right. Ordering proof copies allows the author to see precisely how a paperback copy of your book will print out and means that you can check any images and graphics and the general layout to ensure consistency and that your expectations have been met.

Proof copies are not like regular copies of your book. The main difference is that they have a ‘not for resale’ watermark on the book cover and don’t have an ISBN either. This is so you can resell the proofs and make a more significant profit than if you bought actual copies of the book. During the printing process, the proof copies will be assigned a unique bar code on the back cover regardless of whether text or images are on the design there.

Authors do not have any obligation to order proof copies of their book, and many choose to simply submit the book for publication without doing so. However, doing so can be a smart choice. Suppose the submission doesn’t pass Amazon’s quality check. In that case, they won’t allow the book to be available and will come back to you to make the necessary edits before resubmitting the manuscript to them.

To order proof copies, you need to:

Navigate to the KDP Bookshelf.
Select the title that you want a proof of
In the ellipsis menu, select ‘Request Printed Proofs’
Decide how many you want (five is the maximum order)
Select the Amazon marketplace nearest your shipping location.
Click ‘Submit Proof Request’

You should then receive a confirmation email (within four hours) with details of your order and a link that you must click on before the order is complete – you need to do this within 24 hours of being sent the link.

If you don’t haven’t received an email, you can check your listed email address in your KDP account to ensure it is the right one.

On clicking the link, you’ll be directed to the Amazon cart or basket to add payment information and complete the order.

Bear in mind that ordering proof copies will not qualify for free or Prime shipping, but all other paid standard and expedited Amazon shipping options can be selected, and the shipping rates will depend on the weight and size of the order as well as how quickly you require your proofs. Once received, give them a thorough check and if anything is wrong, make the necessary edits before you submit your work.

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