Is It Time You Updated Your SEO Strategy?

All business can benefit from a strong SEO strategy, and for many, this means updating it regularly. Creating an SEO strategy when you first start out is one thing, but if you don’t revisit this often, and ensure that you have your finger on the pulse of Google’s algorithms and stay updated with other changes that could affect how your business appears in search results and how many visitors you get to your website, you could be missing out.

Re-evaluate your SEO strategies efficiency is all about rolling up your sleeves and giving it a true, in-depth assessment. In doing so you can gain a far better understanding of the things that are working, and what you may need to change.

Here are some of the signs that indicate your SEO strategy is in desperate need of updating.

You’ve lost your focus

When you first created your business you may have created a plan that clearly aligned with your goals, and had a vision of what you needed to do in order to achieve what you wanted to achieve. However, naturally as the days, weeks and months have gone by, other things may have become more pressing, your goals may have changed, and your focus directed to other things.

The original strategy you and your team initially outlined may have worked then but by reviewing how far you’ve come, which goals have been achieved and whether those that have not are still  relevant, you can make sure that your strategy grows with you and is still as effective and useful as it was in the beginning.

You aren’t looking at the bigger picture

Making assumptions in business can be dangerous and can become an obstacle to productivity. Make sure that if you or your team have fallen into the habit of making assumptions that you are able to challenge these to ensure that the actions you are taking are actually leading you down the right path. Having a clear vision and objectives will help your campaigns effectiveness immensely, so it is important to remain objective and that all team members are aligned towards a unified goal.

You’ve taken on some bad habits

Good habits can help a business to run more effectively. Bad habits, however, can do the opposite. If you’ve become lazy in your strategizing, if you aren’t updating your keywords and campaigns, if you’ve stopped monitoring the effectiveness of your SEO – these habits need to be changed, and a new SEO strategy implemented to break them and give your team a fresh start.

You’ve stopped keeping on top of trends and emerging technologies

The world of SEO and tech is one that is ever-moving, ever-evolving. If you don’t keep abreast of these changes, what was once an effective and successful SEO strategy can quickly become outdated and pointless. Making an effort to move with the times is imperative. Try to stay ahead of new trends and technologies and be ready to make relevant changes when Google releases any algorithm updates.

There are several ways to make sure that your SEO strategy is still smart, strong and relevant, and recognizing the tell-tale signs yours is in need of updating is essential. Being aware of areas for improvement will help ensure that your campaigns are still effective and that you are able to learn and adapt, even if results are not seen right away.

Only by keeping an open mind, being flexible, putting analytics in place and keeping abreast of industry news can you ensure your SEO campaign will be a success – but the time and effort are so worth it.

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