How To Create A Best Practice SEO Strategy

Having a powerful SEO strategy in place can be a smart way to ensure you get into top positions for your target keywords, that your ad campaigns are as effective as possible, and that you are continually driving traffic to your website.

However, even if your SEO techniques are super slick, one thing that could let you down, and have a major impact on how effective they are is whether or not you are following best practice SEO guidelines.

Nowadays you have to follow strict rules in order for Google to reward you for your SEO efforts, and should they suspect you of breaking or avoiding them and you could get penalized, meaning that all that hard work was for nothing. Google is constantly improving the way it scans web pages too, so it’s algorithm is constantly evolving, meaning that adhering to best practice SEO now involves make sure you are unto date on the latest trends and technologies too.

So what are the most recent SEO best practices to make note of?

SEO can’t be considered just one singular action that constitutes digital marketing. Rather it is more beneficial to think of it as a part, a cog in a much bigger and more powerful machine. But an important cog nonetheless.

The advancements in Google’s algorithm means that there are a huge number of different elements it considers to help it decide where to rank your web page and whether your page is relevant and valuable to users searching for specific words and phrases. Good quality content and good quality links come top and should be a huge priority for businesses to get right when trying to rank.

When writing content it is important to make sure that it is relevant and of value. Good content will answer specific questions posed by the reader in a clear, helpful and entertaining way. When adding links the content creator should also consider their relevance, their domain authority and how they pertain to your business and industry as a whole.

It was Bills Gates who stated near 20 years ago that ‘Content is King,’ meaning that paying attention to your content is the number one priority business should focus on to boost their SEO. In recent years there has been some debate as to whether that still holds true, but however you feel, there is no denying that content remains a massively important part of SEO strategies in businesses worldwide, and ignoring it could mean that your company isn’t seeing the results it deserves. 

If you want your website to be favored by Google, producing quality content is key. Make your voice heard, position yourself as an authority, build your brand and connect with your audience. Doing so will strengthen your position, you’ll naturally adhere to best practice SEO and see the results that show why this is so important.

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