How To Write Headlines That People Will Click On

If you want to post effective content that works for your business, you need to ensure you create enticing headlines to draw your reader in.

In this busy, modern world, people have less and less time and are more and more impatient. They want things to happen right now, and if they don’t then, they’ll move onto something else.

When your target audience is looking for content, in whatever form, they expect to be able to find it, and that content to satisfy their needs. If you want yours to be the article they click on, you need to make sure your headlines are attention-grabbing, relevant and clear.

Posting your content on social media can help you widen your reach, gain a new following and attract more customers. However if your content, (however carefully curated and optimized it may be) isn’t driving more traffic to your website, it might well be because you are writing bad headlines.

Writing a headline that will get clicks is vital because, without those clicks, you might as well not bother creating the content in the first place.

So how can you get better at this?

A useful initial exercise is to take a look at your newsfeed. What kinds of headlines are coming up, and do they draw you in and pique your interest or put you off and make you feel they are not worthy of any further attention? Write down the ones that are positive and see if you can find some elements that link them together.

There are lots of ways to write great headlines, but let’s take a look at three of the most powerful.

Use social proof. If you can include social proofing in your headline, you will get an increased number of clicks. Customers like to be reassured, and with so much competition out there if you can gain their trust and make them think you are the best, most reputable business that sells the product they are after, they are more likely to buy from you. If you can use compelling statistics that demonstrate why you are number one, use them. If you can make a mighty claim, make it. If people believe that others are on board and praising your products and services, they’ll want a slice of the action too.

Make a threat

While a threat sounds like it might not be the best way to run your business, when it comes to headlines, threats aren’t quite as aggressive as they seem. Threat headlines can be effective by telling the readers that if they don’t act immediately, they could miss out, or that if they read your content, they will avoid making a mistake, getting in trouble, or having a less than positive experience. In short, it can make them act.

Show them what they’ll gain

Thirdly, headlines that make an impact are gain headlines. These simply tell the reader what they’ll gain by clicking on your post. They are headlines that promise something enticing, something irresistible that they can’t help but be drawn in by.

By using the strategies above, you can ensure that your headlines make an impact, drive traffic to your landing pages and ultimately convert more customers. So next time you write a piece of kickass content make sure to pay attention to your headline too.

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