How To Write Great PR Copy

Writing excellent PR copy can be tricky, and if you don’t have a dedicated resource in your business to do so, it’s challenging to get right. However, taking the time and making an effort to learn how to do this can help you achieve more success, and get your business noticed.

So what are some useful tips to help you make sure your PR copy is slick, smart and successful?

Make sure it has a purpose. Before you start writing try to summarise what the point of creating this piece of content is in just one or two sentences. This can help you get to the core of what you are trying to say. Remember you need the reader to sit up and take notice and to react to what you are saying, and being clear on your purpose will help with this.

Say it with style. When it comes to writing great PR think about where you are trying to place your piece, and who your target readership is. If you are writing a news story for a particular publication make sure that you emulate their style to give yourself the best chance of having it accepted.

Create brilliant content. When it comes to PR, you need to make sure that everything you write is high quality, but also that it answers specific questions. The journalist or editor will want to know who, what, when, where and why – and you should be able to answer this for them in the first couple of sentences of your piece. After that, you can provide more detail, but remember not to make your content too flowery. The media likes facts, and while it is good to present these facts in as interesting and entertaining a way as possible, if you go off on too much of a tangent you’ll leave them feeling dissatisfied.

Research, research, research. Writing good PR pieces means doing lots of research. Make sure that you have bothered to check out that your claims are valid and can be backed up with facts and figures. Anything too fluffy won’t work and the better researched your piece is, the more depth it will have.

Keep it brief. If you are writing a press release, you don’t need to write an essay. Keep your content brief and simple. Keep sentences short and clear and don’t waffle. If you are tackling a more complex subject, it is crucial to understand your readership. As a general rule publications prefer to err on the side of caution and would rather keep their writing accessible to the masses then make it overly intelligent and scholarly which could end up putting some people off.

Be unique, relevant and timely. Remember, the most compelling content says something that hasn’t been said before, so try to at least have an original angle that will set your content apart. It’s also useful task yourself whether your content is topical and timely? Being current is always beneficial.

Writing excellent PR copy takes practice, but by following the tips above you are likely to have much more success. So next time you write something for the press, bear these tips in mind before you send it off.

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