How To Write A Blog That Boosts Your Sales

We all know that keeping a blog going on your business website is a good idea. But do we really know why? It’s all well and good crafting regular blogs and publishing them on your site, but without doing everything possible to ensure your blog reaches readers, makes an impact, and helps to bring in more revenue, what is the point?

So what tactics are businesses employing to generate more sales from their blogs? Let’s take a look at some of them.

Give them something worth reading

A good business blog is carefully planned, researched, and presented in such a way that it provides enormous value to your readers. Don’t just skim the surface, go into detail, go in-depth. The more information you can provide, the better. Remember, if you write a blog on a general topic, chances are it will get lost among a sea of other ones. If yours is the most valuable, useful, and in-depth, however, it will be the one that people want to read, the one that Google rewards and the one that ultimately makes the biggest impact. If you’ve bothered to do this, you are positioning yourself as an authority, a thought leader, and a business with the knowledge that can be trusted. This does your brand image a world of good, and means customers are more likely to trust your products and services too.

Be consistent

While it’s understandable that keeping up your business blog might not be at the forefront of your mind, if you are going to write one, you need to commit to doing so consistently. If your goal is to boost your sales, then consistency really is crucial. If readers enjoy your blog and want to come back for more, not only do you need a wealth of content to provide them with solutions to their problems, but also continue to produce fresh new content at regular times so they can set expectations of you and will continue to return to your site time and time again, increasing traffic and sales potential too. We all know that in many circumstances, quality over quantity works best, but when it comes to your business blog, it really needs to be both. If you can post daily, you have more chance of getting leads than you do if you only post weekly, or monthly and so on. If you keep posting enthusiastically but then disappearing for months on end, readers won’t know what to expect from you or when, and this can cause them to move onto another source of information. Loyal readers can turn into loyal customers. So it’s well worth making an effort to get some.

Consistent blog posting will also keep Google on your side. Google favors websites that continue to produce fresh new content, so by making regular posts you are not only curating loyal readers, but also boosting your SEO at the same time.

Focus on Long-Tail Keywords in your blog posts

Targeting long-tail keywords means you are more likely to end up ranking for them. While it is difficult to gain a monopoly of shorter, generic and more widely used keywords, if you use your business blog to focus on long-tail keywords, you have a better chance of driving relevant traffic to your website, and that traffic to convert into paying customers. Do research around those more descriptive keywords with high-intent, and you’ll see your web traffic increase, your SEO improve, and your sales soar.

Don’t forget to add CTA’s

Call to actions (CTA’s) are also essential and can be a powerful way to guide your readers to act. Don’t be afraid of adding a short, clear CTA at the end of your blog posts. Doing so can be an incredibly simple yet effective way to generate more sales.

By following the tips above, you can boost your organic SEO, drive traffic to your website, and convert those leads into paying customers who return to buy from you time and time again!

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