How To Set Goals For Your Business

Every business, whether they are just starting out, or have been running for years, can benefit from smart, thoughtful goal setting to drive the company forward every level.

Goal setting should be considered, not just in terms of how much you hopeto grow, how many sales you make, or how to increase your profit margins, but also in terms of how to motivate employees, how to boost your reputation, and how to create a strong presence regarding marketing, your offering, and your customer service

However, unless you have experience setting goals for businesses, it can be all too easy not to do so effectively. If you only set arbitrary goals, or ones that are irrelevant, or, worse still, impossible to reach, then doing so could actually do more harm than good.

So how do you go about creating goals that make sense for your business?

Here are some useful tips:

Make sure your goals are quantifiable

Setting goals that have no clear definition and no way of determining whether they have been hit can lead to confusion, finger-pointing, mistrust, miscommunication, and employees who feel cheated, misled, defeated and deflated. By making sure your goals are quantifiable, it will be easy to ascertain whether you are on target to meet them, and to know when you do.

Make sure you have the resources in place to succeed

Setting goals without securing the resources to achieve them can be a grave error. There is no point setting goals that aren’t achievable, and you and your teams should be aware of the resources available to them and the means necessary to be able to make those goals realities for your business.

Make sure that everyone is in agreement

If you set goals and not everyone is on board or in agreement with them, this will lead to conflict and tension later down the line. It is worth really thrashing out your goals, and reaching a conclusion that everyone is happy with. This doesn’t mean that some people should be able to get away with not pulling their weight as much as others, but if you don’t have the entire teams understanding, input and cooperation from the outset, it makes staying on the right track to achieve your goals much more of a challenge.

Make a true commitment to achieving your goals

Once you have everyone in agreement, you then need to ensure that they all make a commitment to your business goals. Making sure that this is stated explicitly is important. However, equally as vital is to monitor the process, be flexible, and be prepared to adjust goals or provide additional resources when necessary.

Publicize your goals

Making your goals public is another smart tactic that means you are more likely to achieve them. By letting your customers and everyone else know what your intention is, you will be held accountable to your promises, and if you fail to deliver the consequences to your brand and reputation could cost you big.

Make sure you have rewards in place

Having a rewards system in place when goals are achieved and taking the time to celebrate your success is also advised. If your teams understand that they are valued and appreciated and rewarded for a job well done, this will keep them loyal and motivated to continue to work hard for you and achieve the next set of goals you set for them.

By following the above tips, you can ensure that the goals you set for your business are going to motivate and inspire you and everyone who works for you to commit to them, work collaboratively to achieve them and feel the same sense of pride and satisfaction when you do!

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