Tips For Creating Great Facebook Advertisements

Sometimes it feels like Facebook changes so frequently it can be hard for marketers to keep up. However staying abreast of new changes, rules and regulations will make your Facebook Advertisements more effective.

Remember Facebook first and foremost is a social media platform, the posts people see are a reflection of the things they engage with when using Facebook.

Facebook encourages marketers to start conversations and promote positivity; they don’t want marketers to use scare tactics or try to sell their products by feeding off peoples fears.

In 2015, they released the relevance score. This score from 1–10 indicates whether an ad relates to the interests and needs of the intended audience.

The better the relevance score, the lower the ad costs, so Facebook rewards advertisers for creating ads that genuinely interest and engage the people who see them.

Social proof also really matters. The better engagement and more positive feedback you can get for your ad the lower the costs. It makes good sense therefore for marketers to carefully consider who their advertisement is for and why it will matter to the people who receive it.

Advertisements need to engage people on an emotional level. If customers are moved in some way, they will be far more likely to act.

How to do this? By telling stories, by informing and by entertaining.

Of course, an ad also has to be short and sweet. Every word counts. So when creating ad copy marketers need to make sure that they motivate, excite and engage customers to get them to respond.

Relevance is one thing, but following through on your promises is also essential. If you are all style and no substance your customers will soon find out, and this will reflect poorly on your business. Remember, social proof is key – customers need to trust your brand, and if you make promises you can’t keep trust will quickly be lost.

Facebook knows this and measures the reviews on fan pages to inform it of the success of a particular businesses ad campaigns.

Customers are also able to rate their shopping experience which again informs the reach and costs of ad campaigns.

Instant Experiences are likely to become a huge part of Facebook advertising in the coming year. Described as “a mobile ad solution that brings brands and products to life in a full-screen, post-click experience that loads almost instantly from ads in Facebook and Instagram feeds, ”Instant Experiences allow businesses to build landing pages that summarise their particular offer.

Facebook cares about user experience, and if you want to utilize the platform to advertise your business, you have to play by their rules. That means thinking about what happens after a customer clicks on your ad – so everything from page load speed to optimizing pages for mobile use will also play a part.

Facebook is a fantastic place to reach more customers and promote your business, so use these tips to create great Facebook advertisements that both Facebook and your customers will love.

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