Digital Marketing Trends For 2019

Now the New Year has been and gone it’s time to look at what we can expect from digital marketing trends in 2019.

Every year we make technological advancements and these impact the way that businesses use digital marketing to promote their products and services. Keeping abreast of the changes will help you catch and keep the attention of your intended audience and make sure you stay one step ahead of your competitors.

So what can we expect to happen this coming year? Here are some 2019 trends to look out for.

AI (Artificial Intelligence)

AI should be regarded as a whole lot of super-intelligent computers that are able to analyze data exceptionally quickly. In doing so, they can understand patterns and behaviors and can be programmed to react to them in different ways. AI will be important in the coming months and years as can help businesses search through their databases, scan social media conversations and find new prospects based on the profiles of your current customers – all of which can contribute to massively improving your visibility and sales figures.


Expect to see more from chatbots in 2019. Chatbots are automated communication systems that help customers with common queries. So instead of tying up your employees time by having to answer customers themselves, a business can programme chatbots to have detailed responses to the most common customer questions, saving them massive amounts of time and money.

Smart Speakers

Smart speakers will only continue to get more popular this year as the technology that creates them gets more intelligent and more refined. Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant and more are all programmed to help answer your questions, play your music, turn your devices on and off and so much more.

Businesses should be prepared to optimize their websites for voice search. To do this, they will need to understand the way consumers talk to smart speakers. They are conversational; they ask questions the way they would do a friend. Optimizing their websites to answer them means providing both the questions and answers to such questions throughout the web pages enabling them to rank high through voice search.

Live Video

Video marketing is still the top platform for successful content marketing and will continue to play an important role this year. Businesses who do not use this platform are missing a trick. Video content can help answer customers questions and put a face to the brand. Go one step further and incorporate live video and you are offering your customers a truly unique and personalized experience. Offering behind the scenes tours, live Q & A’s and product demonstrations will show your customers you are thinking ahead and preempting their needs on a 1:1 level.

There will, of course, be other trends to emerge as the year unfolds. However these four will remain prominent, and businesses should be prepared to incorporate them into their digital marketing strategy for 2019.

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