It’s Time To Let Go Of These Social Media Practices

Using social media to market your company is a smart move whatever kind of business you’re involved in. In fact, if you aren’t using social media to sell your products, build your reputation and engage new customers you really are missing a trick.

However, to make the most of social media marketing, you need to be smart, and as it has evolved, some of the practices that used to be effective have become redundant.

So what are the mistakes businesses are making when using social media, and which practices is it time to say goodbye to in 2019?

Caring about how many people follow you

Interestingly, when follower counts rise to a certain level, the number of engagements actually decreases. If all you care about is your follower figures, you aren’t able to truly engage and be responsive to your customers.

According to a 2017 survey by Edelman, 49% of internet users globally said they trusted information from online personalities with a small following, as opposed to a mere 36% feeling the same way about those more well-known personalities. A smaller audience can actually give you the edge because you are more likely to have a personal touch, really engage with your followers and have worked hard to gain a genuinely interested audience.

Being too prescriptive, and sticking to a one-size fits all approach

It’s understandable that you want your branding to be strong and the way you come across to prospective customers to be uniform so you can build on your reputation. However, being too prescriptive and rigid in this way means you could be isolating other audiences the that don’t necessarily buy into your vision. Different people have different unique experiences, likes, and dislikes and will love your product or service for various reasons. Make sure you don’t sell yourself short by being too stiff in your marketing approach and instead try to be fluid, flexible and creative.

Not exploring other options for posting content

It’s all too easy to let content live and die on social media, however failing to utilize all different platforms can mean you aren’t reaching as many customers as you’d like. Make sure you push your content on every possible platform and don’t be afraid to reuse great content too.

Social media will remain one of the most important ways to communicate with customers, reach out to new ones and build your brand. However, making sure that you get rid of outdated practices and keep your social media strategies fresh and up to date will make all the difference.

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