Inexpensive Social Media Tactics For Businesses With Small Budgets

If you want to create a stir on social media, but don’t have a big budget to compete with larger businesses in your industry, what can you do? We all know that social media platforms can be beneficial when it comes to engaging with your customers, building your brand’s reputation and driving traffic to your website, but having the time and resources to understand how to use these effectively can mean that many feel they aren’t able to keep up.

However, the good news is that there are ways to get around this, and here we’ll examine some inexpensive social media marketing tactics that smaller businesses can engage with.

Let’s take a look at them:

Repurpose your content

By keeping tabs on which pieces of content your audience finds most helpful and engages with, you can get a clearer picture of what works and what doesn’t. Once you know this, you can repurpose your old, popular content to get more mileage out of it, with pretty minimal effort.

Become a source of knowledge

Taking the time to learn about the industry you operate in, keep abreast of news, and formulate measured and insightful opinions can be a great way of slowly but surely presenting your brand as a reputable source of knowledge. If your content is helpful and valuable to your customers, they are more likely to return to you and begin to view you as a brand that preempts their needs, is genuine in its customer care, and is one they can trust in and rely on.

Write lists

Simple list-type content is still hugely popular and writing list features such as ‘top ten…’ is not only the kind of content people find arresting and will share, it also provides you with the opportunity to engage with other businesses and promote their products and services, which could leave to a fruitful business relationship and them returning the favor further down the line.

Create simple videos

Some businesses might get put off making videos because they believe they’ll need lots of expensive equipment. However, it’s extremely easy to make videos with very little, and as long as your concept and message are clear, you can create informative, interesting, fun videos in no time that could engage your audience and boost your social media presence at the same time.

Find your unique voice

Putting content on social media is a fantastic opportunity to really think about your brand and what you want your company to be known and recognized for. You don’t need to have a massive budget to create a big impression so take the time to think about how to cultivate your unique voice and make sure that every piece of content you post is in line with your brand identity.

Engage with customers on a personal level

When you do get engagement on social media, be sure to respond. If you are a small business, every customer counts, and by engaging with them personally, they’ll feel valued listened to and taken care of. A satisfied customer can be your biggest asset, so make sure that you monitor your social media engagement and see everyone as an opportunity to turn a passer-by into a loyal customer.

By consistently using the social media tactics above, you can grow your audience, create a successful brand image, connect with customers and become a trustworthy and easily recognizable business which will foster customer loyalty and see your revenue soar.

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