How To Use Infographics To Boost Your Business

Over recent years, infographics have gained in popularity and have become useful, smart little pieces of content that can serve well to complement any businesses digital marketing efforts.

Infographics work by presenting exciting pieces of information in a (mainly) visual format. They can be useful in engaging new audiences as are hugely shareable and are helpful when it comes to increasing your backlinks too. People tend to engage with them more readily then long pieces of content, so if your audience is time-poor, infographics can be a great way to get your message across before their attention is diverted elsewhere.

So how can you make the most of your infographics? Follow these helpful tips.

Offer an exclusive.

If you are hoping your infographic will boost your SEO, then an inventive method is to offer it exclusively to a select few influential publications with which you know your target audience engages. This means they’ll be able to publish it first and only when an agreed period is up will you be able to post it elsewhere. Offering an exclusive acts as an incentive for these top publications to take it and therefore gets it seen by more of the right people.

Send it alongside a press release

If your infographic contains information that the press might be interested in, such as unique data that draws fresh, insightful conclusions around a popular or current topic, then send it out as a press release. While backlinks from the press aren’t necessarily useful, the buzz generated is, and the reach will be more extensive should the media chose to cover your story.

Ask your audience for the data

By sending our surveys and questionnaires, you can gather unique data that will help you create your infographic. Doing so engages and involves your customers – so they’ll feel more invested (and therefore willing to share and comment on) the results.

Use it in your blog

Mention the infographic in posts on your website and link back to it internally too. Go into more detail and create several posts around the information in your infographic, so you get the most leverage from it. You could also offer guest posts to other relevant bloggers and site the infographic as a source thus building strong backlinks to your website as well.

Consider the timing

Try to release your infographic or adjust it in such a way that it becomes relevant to a particular holiday, event or celebration. If you can do this you can piggyback hashtags and generate more buzz . This will also make your infographic more enticing if you are pitching to bloggers or hoping to create interest form communities or organizations with vested interest in those holidays, events or celebrations.

Chop it up

Make the most out of all your hard work and release bite-sized pieces of the information within your infographic on your social media accounts rather than giving the whole thing away at once. An entire infographic might not catch people’s eyes as they scroll through social media, but a small graphic containing surprising or interesting data, facts or information is more likely to be noticed.

Use it to create paid ad campaigns

The data and design of your infographic can be used to inform and create smart, attention-grabbing advertising campaigns using the gathered information and statistics as well as the visuals to make people take notice of your business and brand.

So there you have it, creating infographics can be a great way to deliver exciting, noticeable, hard-hitting content that can be repurposed over and over again – so why not create one for your business?

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