Get Your Business Ready For The Holiday Season Now!

The holiday season is practically upon us and with people gearing up to do their holiday shopping, it’s time your business made moves to get a piece of the action.

December sales in some businesses can account for 30 percent more revenue than the rest of the year—so if you have a product or service to promote, now is the time to do it!

So how can you quickly and easily market your business this holiday season? Here are some useful tips.

Check your info

It’s important to manage customers expectations during this busy time so make sure to add holiday hours to your website, Google listing and anywhere else that’s relevant. Now is a good opportunity to make sure that all your information is correct and up to date too.

Use seasonal keywords

If you want to come under search results relating to the festive season you need to add seasonal keywords to your content. Words and phrases such as ‘gift ideas’ ‘best gifts’ ‘holiday presents’ ‘Christmas presents’ and ‘party gifts’ and so on will help your business stand out.

Market on social media

If you’ve got a special festive discount, a free gift, a particular product you want to push, or a promotion of any kind now is the time to shout about it. Get out on your social media channels and make your posts as fun and festive as possible. Remember, the festive season is all about generosity, giving and spreading joy so if you want people to engage with you, make sure your posts are all about the holiday spirit. Of course, you don’t need to offer something in order to use social media to boost your business this festive season, just posting pictures of you and your team in their Christmas jumpers can also spread positivity and boost engagement.

Run-limited time promotions

Limited-time promotions work well because they emphasize that they’ll end soon. They create a sense of urgency and the feeling that the person will ‘miss out’ if they don’t act now. The festive season is an ideal time to run a limited-time promotion because people are already feeling the rush to ensure they get all their gifts in time for the big day.

Gather intel on your results

Whatever marketing campaigns you are trying out this holiday season make sure you put tools in place to analyze your results – that way next year you’ll be in an even better position to make the most of the festive season and see those sales soar!

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