How To Use Facebook Ads For Your E-Commerce Business

Facebook can be a powerful platform to create adverts to help you reach new customers, and remind loyal ones of your presence. Facebook has over a billion users, and so businesses need to learn how to use it effectively and create Facebook Ad strategies that work.

With that in mind, here are some useful tips to try:

Make use of multi-product advertisements

Multi-product advertisements are particularly useful for e-commerce businesses as they allow you to display several different products from your range simultaneously. This means you have more chance of impressing customers and can show the variety of your product range which gives more options or can be used to showcase the different features of a particular product thus giving more customers more reasons to buy it. Multi-product ads appear to have higher success when it comes to CTRs (click-through rates) too, so they can be a useful way to boost traffic to your website.

Use it for retargeting campaigns

One of the many issues that e-commerce businesses face is the ‘ghost’ shopper. The one that bundles their cart up with items and then disappears without a trace. To try to reduce the number of shoppers who abandon their carts at the checkout you can use retargeting campaigns, essentially reminding them of the products they were interested in, that they almost bought, to try and get them back on track. Targeting customers that were already interested in your products can be more productive and cost efficient than trying to entice new ones in.

Get acquainted with the conversion tracking pixel

A conversion tracking pixel is a piece of code that helps e-commerce business owners track what customers are doing when they hit your site. It will help show how many conversions you achieve from your advertising campaigns and can help you hone your Facebook ads to ensure that they target the right audience and are the best they can be.

Experiment with video ads

Facebook prioritizes video content, and this knowledge alone should be enough to motivate you to try to create a video advert to post your e-commerce business. Videos tend to be more accessible and gain more attention than static ads; they are more arresting; they command attention. Take advantage of this feature on Facebook and try creating a video ad specifically for the platform to see if it generates more interest in the products you sell.

Boost old posts

Old successful posts can be reused on Facebook and boosted to reach new customers. Make sure that you have tools in place to analyze which of your past posts were most popular and resulted in more clicks, likes, and shares, and then boost them to make them even more effective and also to minimize any risks and costs associated with creating a brand new campaign.

Focus on your brand identity

Facebook Ads can be an excellent way for e-commerce businesses to start honing in on what their brand is about and what they stand for as a business. Build your brand identity into your advertisements to create themed, consistent ads that show your customers who you are. Brand identity is crucial, and creating a positive image and reputation can help forge connections and secure your future success.

So there you have it, the next time you are creating a Facebook Ad for e-commerce try incorporating the above tips to get more sales and improve your ROI.

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