How To Persuade People To Buy From You

If you are thinking about buying something, what convinces you to go from ‘thinking’ about it to actually doing it?

That’s precisely the area that many business owners need to focus on, that blink of an eye moment where a decision is made.

So what can businesses do to persuade people to buy their products and services? Try these effective tips:

Understand the difference between a benefit and a feature

Listing the features of a product is all well and good, but features describe what the product does where benefits tell you precisely why it can help you. Naturally, it is important to relay to your customers the features of a product. However, they are more likely to get a lasting and positive impression if they hear about the benefits – such as how it will improve their lives. Focusing on benefits over features is a more persuasive and compelling way to get people to buy.

Keep language simple but strong

Your sales copy should present a vivid image in your customer’s minds. You want to be direct and clear but also paint a picture so they can imagine themselves using the product or service and believe the benefits that this will bring.

Use simple, powerful words that evoke emotion, and you are more likely to turn that query into a sale.

Eliminate jargon and sales-y copy

Businesses should be cautious when using industry speak, jargon, abbreviations, and technical language in their advertisements. Only very occasionally is this appropriate if the target audience is niche and very well versed in the particular product and will, therefore, be impressed by technical jargon. Using too many sales cliches will also push away any emotional connection potential customers feel, so make sure to remain eagle-eyed for instances of this in your sales copy and remove them immediately.

Don’t overwhelm

It’s very easy for people to become quickly overwhelmed if they are given too much information. So keep the list of benefits short but powerful. Too much information and you’ll confuse customers, so make sure you hold their attention and impress them without making your product or service come across as too complicated.

Push your USP

Customers like to hear about what makes one company or product stand out above the rest of the competition, so make sure you can succinctly put forward what makes you stand out from the crowd, and what benefits your product has that others don’t.

Emphasize trust & Eliminate risk

One of the most effective sales strategies is to reassure your customers, and by doing so, you need to be considered trustworthy. Reviews, social sharing, ratings, and guarantees will help customers to feel as though you are a reliable and reputable brand, and therefore they’ll be far more likely to take the plunge and decide to buy!

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