How To Make The Most Of Your Time In The Digital Age

If there is one thing we could all do with more of, it’s time. However there are always only going to be 24 hours in every day, and it’s about how you manage your time productively within those 24 hours that will ensure you can be at your most productive, in both business and personal matters.

In the digital age, we are busier than ever, with more distractions than ever and even higher demands on our time. People are impatient, they expect results, and responses instantaneously, and if you aren’t able to keep up with demand, this can damage your reputation.

However, with the advances in technology also come some notable advantages and now we have many more tools at our disposal to help us manage our time in the very best way.

So what can you do to make the most of your time in the digital age?

To have control over our time, to tell it where to go instead of getting to the end of the day and wondering where it all went, you need to implement effective strategies to help gain dominance over your day. Remember it is all about providing the right amount of information, having clear tasks deadlines, and making sure that everyone in your business is onboard too!

Create shared calendars

By allowing everyone access to shared calendars, it is a lot easier to see where there are gaps in schedules, where you can organize productive meetings and where there is free time during each week to complete further tasks. With everyone being able to see these calendars in your organization it also allows each member of your team to understand what everyone else is working on.

Set reminders

Setting reminders can be a helpful way to ensure that you don’t miss important deadlines or appointments. You can do this as reminders on your mobile phone, via your calendars, email reminders that will ping an email to everyone involved or you can use one of many apps that help keep you organized and ensure your day runs smoothly.

Sync everyone up

If everyone is using the same digital workspace, it can ensure that tasks are distributed correctly, that people communicate better and that everyone understands their responsibilities and can work through them diligently and effectively.


Helpful apps can ensure that you prioritize correctly, there are many valuable organizational programs where you can tag tasks to indicate how important they are as well as add due dates and labels all of which can contribute to effective time management.

Block out personal time

Inevitably you will have appointments or simply need some time in the day to take a break, so don’t forget to plan for and block out personal time. You can ensure that no one infringes on this by blocking it out on your shared calendars so everyone can see this time is time for you!

Review and adjust

There will undoubtedly be periods where you are busier or where different priorities surface, so many sure you use technology that is flexible and helps you seamlessly review and adjust your schedule to make allowances for that.

There are so many organizational and time management tools out there that we can take advantage of, and it just takes making the time to research which ones work best for your business and familiarise yourself and your teams with them to create a streamlined, hyper-organized system that can mean everyone is making the most of their working day.

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