Blogging Trends For Businesses

Every smart business knows that blogging can be helpful in terms of connecting with new potential customers, improving SEO, boosting your brand and showing that you want to provide useful, relevant information to those that find it.

However, understanding what kinds of things work well in a blog (as well as though that don’t) is important and staying on top of blogging trends can help ensure that businesses write the right kind of content.

So what should you be paying attention to in 2019?

Keep the word count high.

It used to be that blogs that were short n’ sweet did the trick, however now lengthier blogs tend to be rewarded. It can be hard for a business to get this right. Remember most people have short attention spans and don’t have time to read long pieces all in one go. However, if you only skim the surface of a topic, you might not meet the needs of readers, or, for that matter, Google. 

You can use headings and bullet points to break up your text to allow readers to skim if they want to or to find the information that’s relevant to them with ease. Alternatively, if you don’t have the time or resources to write longer blogs all the time try to mix up your content with shorter and longer posts, or even provide a more concise, summarised version of lengthier posts to give your readers a choice and make them feel in control of the content they read. Longer posts can mean readers spend more time on your website which is also good for your SEO too. 

Quality information is where it’s at.

Of course, having a high word count won’t count for anything if the information that you post is meaningless. It matters that your posts are informative, entertaining, well thought out and useful to your customer. Creating helpful articles will not only help the right readers find you and naturally promote your products but will also help you to include relevant keywords as well, thus boosting your organic SEO. It’s well worth taking the time to plan and schedule your content to ensure that it is robust, timely and helpful to those that find it. Doing so will ensure that your content actually counts for something and can have a myriad of positive effects for your business too.

Don’t forget to optimize!

So this might not count as a trend exactly, but it’s never been more critical to optimize your blog posts for SEO. With more and more content being produced daily if you want yours to stand out you need to ensure you are optimizing them to reach the right readers, target the right keywords and please Google. It’s well worth going back over your old posts and optimizing them according to current SEO rules too as this can be an easy win to help boost your business and gain the attention of new customers. 

Promote, promote, promote

Did we mention that there is more content out there than ever before? Well, to stay ahead of the game you need to make sure that you promote yours. You can create the best piece ever written but if all you do is post it on your website’s blog and hope for the best you are doing yourself a disservice. While you might not have the time or budget to promote every piece of content you create if you know you’ve written a particularly timely or helpful piece then make sure you push it in every way possible. 

Be original

Try to make sure that your posts are unique and exciting. Readers don’t want to read the same sort of things over and over again. So even if it is a bland subject or something that you know other people have written about, try to inject some personality in there, add an extra point, or just have a different take on things to keep your content fresh and helpful to your readers.

If you really want your business blog to stand out in 2019, it’s going to take more time and effort than ever, but there are still lots of benefits. So follow the tips above and be willing to put the hours in if you want to create exciting, compelling posts that will help make your business stand out.

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