All You Need To Know About Setting Up Facebook Business Manager

Facebook Business Manager is essential for anyone who has a business and uses Facebook as a promotional platform. The tool provides lots of great features and insights that can help ensure you make the most of Facebook, and it’s free and straightforward to use so even those who have an aversion to all things social media should find that it helps to boost their business without too much trouble. 

So how do you go about setting up a Facebook Business Manager account? 

You need a personal Facebook account in order to start; this is so that Facebook can confirm your identity. Then you need to head to  business.facebook.com and click ‘Create an Account.’  From there you just need to fill out your details such as your company name and email address to set up the page. 

Once the account has been set up, you can browse the tools and features of Facebook Business Manager and start making the most of it. An excellent place to start is to add your business page or create a new one if you don’t have a page already. You can add multiple pages to your Business Manager account, and those who had admin rights before will have the same permissions even after you have transferred the pages across. 

From here you can see your notifications, reply to emails, post new content and much more. 

Setting up an ad account is also useful. You can set up different ad accounts within your Business Manager account (up to five). There is a button to create an advert account, and from here you can name the account and select the related business that it will be advertising. You will also have to add billing information by adding a payment method and inputting your payment details as you won’t be able to run any campaigns until you have done this. Once your payment method has been validated you can create new ad campaigns and use the features of the tool to identify your target audience and analyze how well each advertising campaign does too.

You’ll also want to add other people to your account to ensure that they have access to help create campaigns and manage your social media. It is simple to add people to your Business Manager and advert accounts, and you can manage their permissions to ensure that you have complete control over who can edit and add things, who can run and manage your campaigns and who can only observe what is going on rather than change things themselves. The people you add will receive an email inviting them to use Facebook Business manager, and you will have the ability to adjust their permissions, add new people and remove them any time. 

Once you have done all of the above, you should be all set and raring to go. There are lots of great tools and features for you to explore, so have a play around with all that Facebook Business Manager has to offer and see how you can use it to boost your business!

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