Want To Boost Your Blog Subscribers? Don’t Make These Mistakes

Getting blog subscribers can be tricky, but without them, putting all that time and effort into your business blog seems rather pointless.

Well, the good news is there are lots of things you can do to try and up your blog subscribers. The slightly less good news is the reason why you might not be getting them is that you are making one of these common mistakes:

You are thinking of your blog as a business

Your blog can be used as a marketing tool, but in itself is not something people can buy. This means your blog needs to be carefully crafted, it needs to offer people something, and each post should have a strong, clear, and obvious call-to-action at the end.

You haven’t included a Lead Magnet in your blog

Want more subscribers? Include a Lead Magnet offer in your blog posts. A Lead Magnet is something that your customers won’t be able to resist and all they need to do to get it is give you their contact information. An exclusive offer, a discount voucher, a free resource – whatever would work best for your customers – include it in your posts and make sure it’s something they simply cannot refuse.

Your blog doesn’t include a tripwire offer

A tripwire offer is a great, low-cost deal that will bring in more customers. Your tripwire offer isn’t the same as a sale or discount – you aren’t necessarily trying to make money here, rather the aim is getting more subscribers. So if your campaign only breaks even, or even costs you money, as long as your subscribers are going up and up you can consider it a success.

You don’t have a compelling landing page

Your lead magnets and tripwire offers need their own dedicated web pages if you want them to make a proper impact. These types of pages are much more effective at converting than a homepage would be, so it is well worth taking the time to design and optimize each one so it entices your customers to buy.

You’re aren’t buying traffic

While its great to get more subscribers on the strength of your content alone, you need to think of your business blog as an investment. Setting aside some budget to buy traffic is important and something all businesses should consider.

You are forgetting to retarget

Retargeting to customers that have previously shown interest but haven’t yet bitten is also crucial. Don’t forget about them. If they cared enough to visit once, they’ll do it again if you campaign to them directly. Use the information gathered from your offers to create a new marketing campaign specifically to retarget those customers and persuade them to buy.

If you are making these mistakes, never fear! All are easily correctable and by doing so you are sure to generate new leads, have a better conversion rate and boost your blog’s subscribers while you’re at it!

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