Make The Most Of Your Businesses Blog With These Great Tips

The benefits of a successful business blog can be great. If done right, your business blog can attract new customers, improve your SEO and show existing customers that you care. It can help set you apart from your rivals as a leader in your niche and improve customer perception and trust of your brand.

However, done wrong and the opposite is true. Google could penalize you, you could irritate customers by clogging up their feeds and inboxes with irrelevant content, and you could reveal that you don’t know as much as you should about the area that your business operates. Plus you are wasting resources keeping an ineffective and potential harmful blog going.

Create a fantastic piece of content.

One fantastic piece of content will do more for your business blog than three mediocre ones. If you can create one post that is insightful, thoroughly researched, informative and clear, that is the best way to get your readers (and potential new customers) attention. List based articles can be popular – but if you are going to write a list based article make sure it is exhaustive. If you write about the five best ways to do so and so and your competition has written a similar post, but theirs is called ‘100 best ways to do so and so’, you can see which link your audience is more likely to click. How-To articles can also attract readers, but only if they are superior, detailed and thoughtful.

So take your time, put the effort in and create a post that counts. You might think quantity is what is important – and it is true that creating fresh, new, relevant content on your blog will keep readers returning and is good for SEO, but writing content for the sake of it as a big no-no. So always make an effort to make your posts worthwhile.

Interview experts to create new content.

Market leaders, experts, celebrities, favorite bloggers – whoever you can find that is relevant to your business that has a good following. Ask if you can interview them for your website (they’ll like this far better than asking if they will write something for you, or if you can put a link from their site to yours). Experts can be a great way of proving that your business means business and customers are more likely to trust your brand because of it.

Turn your best posts into free downloadable resources.

Free downloadable resources are a great way of attracting people to your blog. You are offering something for free, something that should address customers needs and pique their interest – doing so shows that you care about your customers, and hey, everyone loves a freebie too! All that you should ask for in return is that people join your mailing list. Every person that signs up is a potential new customer that you can then expertly market to.

Buy traffic to the article.

Once you’ve written some great content, getting people to read it is the tricky part. Buying traffic to your article is one of the simplest, fastest and easiest ways to do this. A boosted Facebook post is an excellent example of this. You don’t need a huge budget either. Do this with a few posts and set the parameters differently each time. Make sure you look at the analytics afterward and see how this can inform your marketing strategy in the future.

Continue to post great content.

At the end of the day, the simplest way to make the most of your business blog is to keep posting fantastic, thoughtful, targeted articles that your customers will love. You don’t have to churn out content every day or even once a week – it’s always better to spend time and be thoughtful with your content – and doing so could see a boost in your website traffic, your leads increase, and ultimately your sales figures rise.

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