How To Write Email Copy That Gets Results

Marketing emails can be tricky to get right, and businesses who send out promotional emails regularly may find that they get little or no response to them.

Let’s be honest; this isn’t surprising.

Most people are time-poor and aren’t going to be sitting around checking their inbox with baited breath every 5 minutes hoping your marketing email appears. Most people barely have time to get through their emails on a day to day basis, and are more likely to delete anything that doesn’t require a response or peak their interest without so much as a courtesy click.

However, this is not to say that email marketing can’t be a useful way to boost your business, but those writing them must remember that their carefully curated email can easily get lost in an inbox where 20 other companies have also written emails, and all of them are vying for attention.

So, in short, your email has to be the one that stands out.

Your email might have a second, two at best to attract attention, and this is your one chance to make your email irresistible before it is dragged to the great rubbish bin in the sky.

So how do you do it? And, perhaps more importantly, how do you then lead that person to act in the way you want them to ( by completing a transaction, signing up for a newsletter and so on)?

Creating innovative, valuable email copy that gets results for your business doesn’t have to be rocket science. However, it does have to be well thought out.

So before you begin a new email campaign ask yourself the following:

Why is it important to send this email?

Your email needs to have a purpose. A purpose for you but also serving a purpose for the reader too. If you are going to interrupt someone and expect them to pay attention you need to make it clear why it’s so essential that they take notice, and that needs to happen immediately.

Bear in mind that YOUR answer may not be the one the recipients of your email want to hear. You might think it’s important to send the email to increase sales – but your success is not of interest to your customer, and so you need to make sure you answer this question from their point of view too, not only why it is important to you, but also why it is important to them.

A new product, a flash sale, an exclusive offer – these are all reasons your customer might agree it’s essential to receive the information you are sending. Remember not every email needs to be about generating income for your business directly. You might have won an award or received a glowing review that you want to share. This can build trust and boost your reputation so while it may not lead to a sale this time, next time your customers require the services you offer, you’ll be at the forefront of their minds.

Is now the right time to do so?

Making sure that your email sends at a time where it will be most useful can make all the difference when it comes to it being well-received. Timing is everything, and there are several aspects to consider. First, is catching your customer at precisely the right moment in exactly the right mood, and second, is it creating a sense of urgency or at very least appropriateness so your customer can see why you are ‘bothering’ them.

A one-day flash sale is an excellent example of this – you have to let them know now because there is a time limit, and you don’t want them to miss out (how very kind of you)!

Who cares?

An email is only going to be effective if you make the prospect care about what it contains. The way to address this question is to consider how your customers will prosper or suffer with or without the products and services you offer. Once you’ve figured that out you can tell them why they should care, and in doing so not only do you empathize with their problems but provide the solution to them at the same time.

To make a person care you also need to make your email personal. You need to make them think you’ve taken the time to find out about them, to discover their needs and desires and are genuinely interested in helping them solve problems or making their lives easier and more enjoyable. To do this, you might have to get specific. Don’t send vague, blanket marketing emails to a broad audience, narrow it down and adjust and refine your emails for each niche.

Another way to make people care is to be bold. You want them to take notice of your email over that of your competitors? Tell them why you are better. In fact, tell them you are the best – while keeping in mind throughout that none of this matters to the reader unless you can persuade them that your product or service will be of benefit to them.

Making sure that you are clear about the benefits you can offer them is crucial, but so is explaining these benefits in a way that you customers can resonate with them. Be clear, paint a picture, tell a story, keep language simple and avoid jargon. Don’t wait until the end of your message to tell them what’s in it for them and the simple, painless way they can acquire your product or services should they choose to do so.

Where is the proof?

Finally, if you want to convert those clicks to money in your pocket, you need to convince the reader that you are trustworthy. They need to believe you are an authority, that you are credible and that you can come good on your promises. There are several ways you can do this such as hitting them with facts and figures, for example, ‘we are the number one bestseller of XYZ,’ through customer stories, reviews, and testimonials, or via case studies showing what you did for other customers and how you can do the same for them.

Media coverage and write-ups or recommendations from other sources such as popular, high authority blogs also work well.

Once you have asked and answered the above, you should have a much clearer idea of how to tailor your email copy to get results. Remember, smart communication is critical, and if you spend a little more time creating stand out email campaigns you could see an increase in traffic, sales, and customer loyalty too.

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