How To Get More People To Read Your Content

It can be very frustrating for businesses who are already strapped for resources to make an effort to post interesting content only to discover that no one is reading it, let alone engaging with it or sharing it or any of the other things you hoped it would encourage them to do.

People nowadays are inundated with content, and their attention spans are shorter than ever. Trying to make your content stand out is a challenge for any business. However that’s not to say that you should give up on content marketing. In fact, it is still an incredibly powerful way to market your business. You just need to focus on getting more people to read it.

So how do you do this?

Become a PR guru

Your content can be as fantastic as you like, but if you don’t pay attention to how you are distributing it, you won’t get very far.

Try to build relationships with journalists and influencers and ask them to engage with and share your content across their channels – if they agree you’ll reach far bigger audiences and be naturally increasing the perception of trust around your brand at the same time. Remember nurturing these relationships takes time – be thoughtful in your approach and don’t expect to get a ‘yes’ right away.

Promote your best work

When you know you’ve written an exceptional piece of content, don’t just leave it sitting on your website for passersby to happen upon. Get out there are push it as much as possible. You don’t need a massive budget to promote articles via social media channels, and you can refine your audience to make sure it reaches people who are likely to be interested in it. Carefully research how you can make the most of your budget and which channel is the best one according to the type of content you have written and the kind of audience you are hoping to reach.

Become an expert

Whatever you do as a business you need to try to become a thought leader on your niche. Get specific and find a topic you are really passionate about and create content around that. If you can write the biggest and best piece on that topic people are naturally going to come to your article over any others as it will provide the most value.

Create multiple pieces around the same topic

Think creatively around how you can get the most mileage out of your content and engage the broadest possible audience. People like to digest material in different ways so instead of just creating a great blog post, why not also create an infographic and a video around the same subject too?

Make your content meaningful

Have a content marketing strategy for the whole year and really think about making pieces that bring value to your customer, show off your personality, start conversations and engage people. The more successful the pieces of content you create become, the more people will keep coming back for more!

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