Ways to Influence Emotions in Business To Business

We have all been told time and time again that the number one thing that influences people to buy is by appealing to their emotions. The research proves consistently that even purchases that we wouldn’t necessarily consider to be emotional ones are still made because of how we feel. We’ve got to remember that at […]

How To Do Authentic Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to market your business, particularly to a new, hungry audience. While we always hear that people these days are time-poor and inundated with content, this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t continue to create it, simply that it is even more critical to make content as enticing […]

Exercises To Identify Your Target Audience

Before any business can hope to deliver an excellent marketing strategy that really makes an impact, they have to work out who they are trying to deliver it to. Identifying your target audience takes time, but putting in the effort to hone in on who your customers are, and what they want can make a […]

What To Include In A Business Newsletter

A regular business newsletter can be a great way to communicate with your customers, show off your products and services, and keep your company at the forefront of your customer’s minds. However, done improperly and sending out a newsletter could do more harm than good, irritate your customers and damage your brand and reputation. So […]

How To Make Your Brand Stand Out

Any business knows that to get noticed they need to have a strong, recognizable and likeable brand that appeals to their target customers, that comes across as trustworthy and that explains the company ethos. So how can you create a strong brand that stands out? Here are some helpful tips: Tell your story Making your […]

How To Get More People To Read Your Content

It can be very frustrating for businesses who are already strapped for resources to make an effort to post interesting content only to discover that no one is reading it, let alone engaging with it or sharing it or any of the other things you hoped it would encourage them to do. People nowadays are […]

How To Master Social Media For Your Business

All businesses should use social media to increase their reach, communicate with customers and promote their brand. However, not all businesses have the time or resources to dedicate entire departments to building their social media following and learning how to use it to their advantage. So what are some quick tips that all businesses, however […]

Cognitive Biases That Should Inform Your Marketing Strategy

Successful business owners know how important it is to be able to understand their customers. If they can tap into the way their customers think, they can appeal to their emotions, their senses and ultimately influence their behavior. One of the ways to get to know your customers better is to understand their cognitive biases […]

Brand Monitoring Metrics Every Business Should Be Aware Of

If you want to understand how your customers feel about and relate to your brand you need to use brand monitoring metrics to gather data and analyze what inspires them to connect and communicate with you, and what turns one-time buyers into loyal customers. Gathering customer opinions and feedback will give you an idea of […]

How To Make Your Content Meaningful

If you want to get attention, reach more customers, offer value and increase awareness of and trust in your brand, you need to put out consistent content that delivers. To do this you must make a plan. A plan that means you research every piece of material you put out to make sure that it […]

Use Branding To Create Great Customer Experiences

Getting your branding right can help to make your business more visible and improve customer experience. The way your customers perceive your brand is so important, and this will be reflected in the way you treat them, whether you deliver great products and services and how easy it is to find you, buy from you […]

Why Digital Marketing Matters

Every business should invest time and money into digital marketing. Without it they may have little to no digital presence, and no matter how good their products or services, their customers have little chance of finding them. So what value can digital marketing bring to your organization? It boosts your branding. Your website is the […]

Want To Get More Attention? Read more!

Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to communicate with your customers, to broaden your reach, and to get your brand noticed. Businesses should experiment with different types of content to see which works for them, but by having a continuous flow of material and a good content marketing strategy,businesses can really make […]

Simple Tips To Optimise Your Web Pages

Making sure that your business web pages are optimized for SEO is so important. Doing so will ensure that Google and other search engines can crawl them to understand what they are about and will mean that when people search for the goods and services that your business offers, it will come up as one […]

Want To Boost Your Blog Subscribers? Don’t Make These Mistakes

Getting blog subscribers can be tricky, but without them, putting all that time and effort into your business blog seems rather pointless. Well, the good news is there are lots of things you can do to try and up your blog subscribers. The slightly less good news is the reason why you might not be […]

Helpful Strategies To Build Your Customer Community

Building your online customer community gets people talking about your brand, is an opportunity to turn new customers into returning loyal ones, helps build trust and respect regarding your brand and can attract new leads too. So what strategies should businesses implement to ensure their online community continues to thrive? Find them To build your […]

Make The Most Of Your Businesses Blog With These Great Tips

The benefits of a successful business blog can be great. If done right, your business blog can attract new customers, improve your SEO and show existing customers that you care. It can help set you apart from your rivals as a leader in your niche and improve customer perception and trust of your brand. However, […]

Avoid These Technical SEO Errors

Technical SEO is a tricky business, and it is no wonder that companies see themselves making the same mistakes time and time again. If you aren’t a developer chances your technical SEO expertise will be limited, but without implementing it, it can be tough to rank for your target keywords. Businesses need to understand how […]

How To Set Up A Retargeting Campaign

A retargeting campaign can be a great way to advertise your business and see your click-through rates massively increase. But what exactly is a retargeting campaign? And how do you set one up? Retargeting is all about engaging those people who have already visited your website or have engaged in your company in some way. […]

Tips For Creating Great Facebook Advertisements

Sometimes it feels like Facebook changes so frequently it can be hard for marketers to keep up. However staying abreast of new changes, rules and regulations will make your Facebook Advertisements more effective. Remember Facebook first and foremost is a social media platform, the posts people see are a reflection of the things they engage […]

Digital Marketing Trends For 2019

Now the New Year has been and gone it’s time to look at what we can expect from digital marketing trends in 2019. Every year we make technological advancements and these impact the way that businesses use digital marketing to promote their products and services. Keeping abreast of the changes will help you catch and […]

Use These Tips To Create An Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

Every business, however big or small, needs a digital marketing strategy to help them successfully grow their online presence and increase sales – be that via B2B or B2C. Creating effective digital advertisements and investing time and effort into other forms of digital marketing mean that your company becomes visible to a much wider audience […]

Simple Digital Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

If you haven’t got a big team or budget to market your business, there are still lots of things you can do. Here are some simple but useful marketing tips for smaller businesses: Make sure your website is optimized for mobile A website that doesn’t work on a mobile phone is a serious problem. So […]

How To Build Better Ad Campaigns

If you want your ad campaigns to be at their most effective you need to employ sales strategies that work. Do you understand how to build great ad campaigns that lead to better conversions and ultimately higher sales rates? If not, here are some proven ways to create powerful ad campaigns that are cost-effective and […]

How To Launch An Ad Campaign On LinkedIn

Launching an ad campaign on LinkedIn can be an effective way to boost your business. Here’s how to do it: Optimize your company profile Before you get started, you need to make sure that your LinkedIn profile is the absolute best it can be. Make sure all of your information is up to date but […]

Sales Strategies That Work

Good sales strategies involve making sure you have the right kind of approach for every scenario. Sales tactics need to be smart and able to be tailored to each situation to maximize their power. Here are some of the most popular and effective sales strategies to try.: Solving customers problems Identifying customers pain points and […]

Questions To Help Inform Your Content Marketing Strategy

A robust content market strategy requires some serious thought. It’s not just about thinking of all the different types of content you can offer, and the various outlets you can use to share this content, it’s much deeper than that. A content strategy requires planning and thought, it’s not just about trying to cover all […]

Use Social Listening In Your Sales Strategy

All contemporary businesses know that social media can be harnessed as a powerful tool to boost your sales. Social listening is part of that and businesses that want to come up with a robust digital marketing strategy should include social listening as part of their plans. So what is social listening? Social listening is the […]

How To Persuade People To Buy From You

If you are thinking about buying something, what convinces you to go from ‘thinking’ about it to actually doing it? That’s precisely the area that many business owners need to focus on, that blink of an eye moment where a decision is made. So what can businesses do to persuade people to buy their products […]

Digital Marketing Tips For Smaller Businesses

If you are a smaller business, coming up with an effective digital marketing strategy can be challenging as you simply don’t have the same amount of time and resources to dedicate to it as your larger competitors. However, this does not mean that putting some effort into digital marketing isn’t necessary, and in order for […]

Get Your Business Ready For The Holiday Season Now!

The holiday season is practically upon us and with people gearing up to do their holiday shopping, it’s time your business made moves to get a piece of the action. December sales in some businesses can account for 30 percent more revenue than the rest of the year—so if you have a product or service […]

How To Use Infographics To Boost Your Business

Over recent years, infographics have gained in popularity and have become useful, smart little pieces of content that can serve well to complement any businesses digital marketing efforts. Infographics work by presenting exciting pieces of information in a (mainly) visual format. They can be useful in engaging new audiences as are hugely shareable and are […]

Avoid These Mistakes When Setting Up Your Google Analytics Account

All businesses should take the time to monitor their websites, and Google Analytics is a handy tool that can give you insight into how your site is performing, which campaigns are working and what you can do to drive more traffic to your web pages. However, not everyone finds Google Analytics that intuitive, and if […]

Questions To Ask An SEO Agency Before Your Hire Them

Hiring an SEO agency can be a fantastic way to help boost your business’s visibility, reach new customers, generate leads and increase sales, and letting someone else take care of your SEO needs frees up your valuable time to do what you do best. However, making sure you hire the right kind of SEO agency […]

It’s Time To Let Go Of These Social Media Practices

Using social media to market your company is a smart move whatever kind of business you’re involved in. In fact, if you aren’t using social media to sell your products, build your reputation and engage new customers you really are missing a trick. However, to make the most of social media marketing, you need to […]

What Not To Do When Selling On Social Media

Social media can be an invaluable tool when it comes to marketing your business online. There is nothing more powerful than word of mouth marketing, and social media is like one big waterfall of conversation where you could be the next company everyone is talking about – but you need to make sure it is […]

Customer Retention Strategies That Work

Attracting new customers is extremely important as this is what will help your business grow. However, this is only true if you manage to retain your existing customers and keep them loyal to your brand. Remembering to look after your current customers is extremely important. It can be all too easy for businesses to focus […]

How To Keep Ahead Of Your Competition

Whatever kind of business you run, keeping ahead of the competition demands strategic planning and constant attention. If your customers stop spending and the reason is they’ve found a better alternative, it’s time to start defending your position in the market and ensure that you maintain a competitive advantage. Here’s how: Do your research. Knowledge […]

How to Write a Promotional Email

Writing an effective promotional email can be a great way of recruiting new potential customers, increasing sign-ups and making more sales. But what makes an excellent promotional email, how can you be sure to engage customers, and hold their attention long enough to get them to act in the way you want them to? Nowadays […]

Trust Elements Every Landing Page Should Have

Want your landing pages to be more effective? You need to establish trust. Trust plays an enormous part in turning a prospect into a customer. The faster you can establish trust, the more likely you are to keep that prospect on your website, the more willing they will be to explore it, and therefore you […]

How To Start A Conversation With Your Customers

When you go into a shop, a good salesperson can be the difference between you walking out empty handed or laden down with bags. There is nothing quite as powerful as a real live person talking to you and trying to persuade you to buy. If they do their job right, they’ll not only make […]

Essential Information For Your Website Landing Page

Your website landing page is the most important one on your website. This is where most customers will land when they first visit your site. If they don’t like what they see, they’ll bounce right out of there before you’ve even had a chance to sell your brand or your business to them. A landing […]

How To Create Attractive Web Copy

When it comes to selling your product and promoting your brand, great website copy is essential. Web copy is not just what goes on your website, but everything that goes on the web. So that’s everything from your landing page to that marketing campaign that you launched on Facebook. Web copy should be smart, slick […]

Using Instagram To Boost Your Business

Nowadays every business needs to be social media savvy, and the top player in the social media game is undoubtedly Instagram. Businesses need to know how to use Instagram effectively. It may seem that this platform is better suited to celebrities who just want to share their impossibly beautiful lives with the world, but the […]

How To Tap Into Your Customers Subconscious To Make Them Buy Your Product

When it comes to increasing your sales, it’s important to get creative and be smart. It’s even more important to respect your customers. They are intelligent, savvy and not to be underestimated. Long gone are the days where just listing the features and benefits of your product or service was enough to get your customers […]

Want To Increase Your Sales? Here’s How.

What’s the one thing that every business would like to do? Make more money of course! How do you make more money? By selling more of the product or service that you offer. It sounds oh so simple, right? Well, if it were every business would be doing great, and we all know that’s not […]

Get More Clicks From Google Ads

Getting more clicks from Google Ads isn’t easy. In a restricted number of words, you’ve got to capture the attention of your audience and keep it long enough to entice them in and make it irresistible to want to find out more. You have to do this all by writing a catchy headline, and a […]

How To Create A Content Calendar And Stay On Stop Of Your Businesses Content Needs

When it comes to improving SEO and engaging your customers, smart, informative and entertaining content is a must. There are a considerable number of different ways to create and present content to your audience and keeping on track of the different platforms you need to update is essential if you want to make them work […]

How To Measure Whether Your Social Media Is Working

Creating social media campaigns takes time and money, as does the day to day running of these accounts. Without understanding how to measure their effectiveness, it can be difficult to know whether all the expense and effort is worth it. Every business should have a framework for measuring the success of their social media, the […]

How To Boost Your Blog Subscribers

A blog can be an effective way of telling people about your business, giving your brand a more human face, finding new customers and keeping existing ones loyal. However, creating a blog that anyone cares about is not easy. If you are struggling to get new subscribers or even keep the ones you’ve got, it […]

What To Include In A Business Newsletter

A regular business newsletter can be a great way to communicate with your customers, show off your products and services, and keep your company at the forefront of your customer’s minds. However, done improperly and sending out a newsletter could do more harm than good, irritate your customers and damage your brand and reputation. So […]

How To Build An Effective Marketing Team Within Your Business

Do you have a dedicated marketing team within your business? If you don’t you should think about hiring! We know it’s hard, especially for small, start-up businesses to dedicate much of their budget to marketing, but this is where you can be most effective when it comes to seeing your business grow. Hiring the right […]

How To Create An Effective And Powerful Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Whatever kind of products or services you offer, you should consider selling them with a robust customer satisfaction guarantee. Why? Because doing so is a vote on confidence in yourself. It’s saying that you are so sure your product or service will please your customers that you are willing to put a wager on it. […]

How To Find The Best Keywords For Your Business

One of the most important things any business can do when attempting to improve their SEO is to think about which keywords their customers will be searching for when trying to find the kinds of products and services they offer. Finding the right keywords and focusing on making sure your business comes up when people […]

How To Improve Your Link Building

Link building is difficult to get right, but if you do, your efforts will be massively rewarded. Having links from relevant, trustworthy sites back to your own can improve your SEO and bring in new customers from different sources, as well as making your brand more visible and appear more trustworthy too. But how can […]

What’s So Good About Facebook Messenger Ads?

Facebook launched its Messenger ads almost two years ago, and they quickly became a favorite space for businesses to reach out directly to their customers and promote their products and services. This social media marketing tactic, if done well, can open up a dialogue between businesses and customers, and can create a conversation that makes […]

Why Word Of Mouth Marketing Is Still Important

Word of mouth marketing may seem like something you don’t need to worry about in this fast-paced digital age. But you’d be wrong. At the end of the day, the thing that is going to give you an edge over your competitors, perhaps more so than anything else is understanding what your customers want and […]

How To Use Google Analytics To Help Boost Your Business

When it comes to your website, the more knowledge you have the better you’ll be able to understand what’s working, and perhaps more importantly, where you need to make improvements. Without this knowledge, you’ll have no idea how people are discovering your website or what actions they are taking once they find it. Without this […]

How To Write Email Copy That Gets Results

Marketing emails can be tricky to get right, and businesses who send out promotional emails regularly may find that they get little or no response to them. Let’s be honest; this isn’t surprising. Most people are time-poor and aren’t going to be sitting around checking their inbox with baited breath every 5 minutes hoping your […]

How To Write SEO-Friendly Blog Posts

Keeping a blog might not seem like it needs to be a priority for your business, but, in fact, regularly posting and promoting content can be a great way to generate new leads, keep in touch with your customer base, and improve your website SEO. If you are going to put time and energy into […]

How To Develop A Kick @ss Content Marketing Strategy

When it comes to content marketing, the most successful businesses make sure they have a plan. Content that has an impact is purposeful, needs driven and innovative. It delivers answers to your customer’s questions, it provides information they didn’t even know what they were looking for, and most importantly it catalyzes action. A solid content […]